12 Irresistible Gay Romances Coming in March by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss


The world being what it is, now seems like the perfect time to escape into the reassuring pages of a comforting romance. Whether you enjoy tales of dashing regency heroes, cozy contemporary small-town meet-cutes, or romances set in the far-flung future, here are a few upcoming gay romances that are sure to satisfy your passion for true love and Happily Ever After’s.

One Good Deed Deserves a Lover by Merry Farmer (Historical/March 1)

Lieutenant Clarence Bond is the last man one would expect to find at a gentleman’s house party. When fellow guest Percy accidentally finds a lost child, he ends up lauded as a hero. Clarence isn’t fooled, but he is so amused by Percy’s attempt to play the hero that he offers himself as a lover to give Percy the reward he truly deserves. What starts as a laugh turns into love as both men discover they aren’t quite the rakes they thought they were.

Sapphire Sunset by C. Travis Rice/Christopher Rice (Contemporary/March 1)

Logan works security at a luxury beachfront resort. Connor is the irresistibly handsome son of the family that owns Sapphire Cove. Frustrated by their off-limits attraction, they find themselves hurled together when a headline-making scandal threatens to ruin the resort they both love. Will saving Sapphire Cove help forge the union they both crave, or will it drive them apart forever?

Thick as Thieves by Lucy Lennox (Contemporary/March 1)

Julian has been in love with his straight best friend since forever. When Parker is left at the altar, Julian whisks him away to drown his sorrows at a snowy cabin in Aster Valley. Some tentative physical exploration and a few intimate true confessions has them rethinking their relationship. After twenty-plus years of being friends without benefits, is it truly possible to change who they are to each other? 

Too Like the Lightning by Travis Beaudoin (Contemporary/March 4)

When Andrew’s perfect life implodes, he has one summer to figure out his next move. He just needs to keep his head down, finish his book, find a new job, and put things back on track. He didn’t plan on making a friend. Coley has a green thumb and an easy smile. Their time together reminds Andrew what having a purpose feels like and suddenly, his long, lonely summer feels all too short.

Punching the V-Card by Leta Blake (Contemporary/March 10)

Carl has a pesky “innocence” problem that requires a solution. His best friend’s brother Devon is the perfect answer. Everyone says the first time should be special—and what could be more special than sharing it with the guy of his dreams? It goes better than either of them ever expected, but Carl’s moving across the country soon. It’ll never be possible to have more, no matter how much they both want it. Right?

Bedhead by Brooke Blaine (Contemporary/March 15)

From USA Today bestselling author Brooke Blaine comes a sexy M/M enemies-to-lovers romance in the new Hate to Love You series. Hudson and Drew are rivals in every sense. When the chance to publish the most scandalous book of the year comes down to their separate companies, each is determined to do whatever it takes to take the other down. Playing dirty has never been this much fun.

Hidden Truth by Samuel York (Mystery/March 17)

When Ethan stumbles upon not just one dead body but two at a true crime podcasters convention, Stone, the sexy cop next door, might be his only hope of surviving. When Ethan refuses to give up any details about his personal life, the lack of information makes Stone dig deeper, but all he finds is more loose ends. Now involved in a triple homicide, he must decide if he trusts the mysterious Ethan or if he’s the suspect they’ve been searching for all along.

An Affair for Aumont by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry (Historical/March 22)

When Aumont and Darling join forces to help someone in need of a temporary bodyguard, they’re not expecting to risk their hearts and their lives. A rising threat soon drives them to flee to the country–a journey that puts them face-to-face with their pasts while showing them that a chance for happiness is within reach. Are they courageous enough to grab it?

One True Outcome by KD Casey (Sports/March 25)

Jamie’s on the verge of being cut from his MLB team. If he wants to stay on the roster it’ll mean extra work—and extra time with Big Mack. If only Jamie could keep his attraction to the charming, generous veteran under wraps. Easier said than done, especially when the heat between them ignites. But nothing in baseball comes with a guarantee—and the only outcome they can be certain of is the one they make for themselves.

Going Public by Hudson Lin (Contemporary/March 29)

Elvin has been Raymond’s assistant for years, and he’s been in love with the charming, ruthless playboy for just as long. When long nights in the office lead to whispered confessions and a newfound intimacy, it seems like a dream come true for them. With the prospect of a disastrous financial failure on the horizon, can they beat the odds and come out the victors in business and in love?  

King of Uranus by Meg Bawden (Sci-Fi/March 29)

When his planet faces certain disaster, King Drexan must ask for help from the greatest scientists Earth has to offer. But a strange and handsome human steals all of Drexan’s attention. The only answer to his newfound obsession is to mate him and make him king consort. Convincing Kiel of the depth and intensity of his emotion seems nearly impossible. But Drexan can smell the attraction on him. Kiel will be his by the time he returns home.

The Elf’s Prince by Sienna Sway (Fantasy/March 31)

Fenian has always rebelled, but this time his latest stunt will end with his banishment, lifelong imprisonment, or worse. When the crown prince of the humans arrives in elven land, Fenian sees him as an opportunity. After all, marriage binding himself to Prince Allard is a small price to pay for his life.

About the Authors:

Jeff Adams & Will Knauss are husbands, authors of m/m romance and podcasters. Big Gay Fiction Podcast, their weekly show, is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can learn more about them at BigGayFictionPodcast.comjeffadamswrites.com and willknauss.com

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