3 Romance Authors on Why They Prefer Their Love Out of This World!

Out of this world romance

[Note from Frolic: Our friends over at Entangled asked a few of your favorite authors why they set their romances in space. Be sure to add these books to your TBR!]

Small towns, big cities, beach vacations, a high-rise office building – there are so many places a romance novel can be set that influence the characters and the stories. But some authors think a little outside the box. All the way off the planet. We asked three science-fiction romance authors, Nina Croft, Robin Lovett, and Beth Williamson, why they decided to set their books in space.

Rescued by the Space Pirate by Nina Croft

I fell in love for the first time at a very impressionable age and never really recovered.

His name was Han Solo. He was the ultimate bad boy and he had a spaceship. After that, I spent years dreaming of being whisked away by a bad boy space pirate. We’d explore the universe together, visit exotic locations, meet interesting aliens, maybe even save the world. I still haven’t quite given up the dream.

For me, part of the fun in writing is living vicariously. So really, whenever I think of romance, I automatically think of space.

Stolen Desire by Robin Lovett 

I like to set my books in space because, in space you can have delicious things we never get on earth like sex planets and hot aliens. It’s much easier to challenge gender and societal norms in a setting out of this world. Everything and anything is suddenly on the table for possibility. Even the most bananas story becomes plausible on another planet.

Steel Coyote by Beth Williamson

I’ve always always always loved cowboys and adored Firefly. It was only a matter of time before I combined the two!

Steel Coyote blends the best of everything including the idea that the universe is endless–it’s only a matter of how long it takes to get somewhere. No limits and no boundaries except those you set for yourself. I also removed any idea that women are thought of as less than men in space – you are judged by your actions not by your boobs. Remy is the perfect blend of smart, skilled, and wicked with a pistol. Oh yeah, space is the place to be!

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