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Hey Frolic Babes, I’m here today with some Kindle Unlimited titles that I have recently one clicked and wanted to put on your radar. I went through my first ever reading slump last month, and seriously, the struggle was real. Kindle Unlimited romances really came through and pulled me out of it so I have been going with the flow and one clicking away.

Liquor & Laundry by Tasha L. Harrison

Liquor & Laundry by Tasha L. Harrison is an erotic novella. I am kicking off the list with this one, because I literally stayed up last night until I had it finished. I couldn’t put it down. Liquor & Laundry is the romance between Hadassah and Ahmad, two people who grew up together and really, always had a thing for one another but never did anything about it. I have so many thoughts about this book, so please read it so I have someone to chat with about it! There were so many things I loved about Hadassah and her journey, but Ahmad stole the show for me. I read two of Tasha’s romances this weekend and in both books, both of her heroes were these confident, patient, black men who completely stole my heart. I cried so hard at the end of Liquor & Laundry. The way the story came full circle was everything

Go Deep by Rilzy Adams

I was a little late to the game with this one; a bunch of my online reader girlfriends were all talking about this book, Go Deep. I made my way to Amazon, one clicked and whoa! This story is how you write a friends to lovers romance. It’s the story of Navaya and Xander who have been best friends since they were babies. Navaya is now an erotica author who’s last few titles didn’t receive the best reviews, so she asks Xander to help her out in the hottest way possible; let’s have sex to spark some inspiration. We know how that goes in the world of romance. Go read this book Babes, it’s so amazing. Xander always chose Navaya and that meant so much. After reading this story, I realized I don’t read many friends to lovers romances and that moving forward, Go Deep and the history between these two, and seeing how everything plays out is going to be a standard when I read them. It’s so good!

Coffee In The Noon by Harleigh Rae

If you’re looking for a really quick read, I highly recommend picking up Onyx and Forge’s romance. These two literally run into each other on what is a very routine way for Forge to start her day. I loved how something she does all of the time, with no expectations of any surprises to occur, brings Onyx into her life. Onyx says to her, “It’s your world. If that’s what you want, then I’m down, but I want to know you. All of you,” and I was ready for whatever, my heart was all in!

Beautiful & Dirty (The Family) by Katrina Jackson

I’ve endured the last week so I can experience whatever is about to happen, so that I can realize all that I’ve been missing before.” Beautiful & Dirty had me hooked from the first page! This is the story of the very quick encounter between Shae and Salvatore. Shae travels to Italy with her fuckboy boyfriend who complains and really ruins her enjoyment of the trip the entire first week that they’re there. On the day that they’re supposed to travel to Naples, it’s at the train station that he realizes he forgot his passport back at the hotel. Off to Naples alone Shae goes. It is while there that she meets Salvatore. “He’s looking at me like no man ever has before.” If you need to mentally fulfill your wanderlust after months of self-isolation, go one click so you can travel to Italy with Shae and watch as her path crosses with Salvatore. One minute you’re ordering pizza and the next, you’re sitting across from someone irresistible. 

Summer Daze by Kris Lashay

Summer Daze is the romance between Amare and Kalea. Amare is a famous rapper who comes to Kalea’s island. Kalea is a pediatrician who opened the islands first clinic and is finally getting to open it back up after lockdown has been lifted. As soon as Amare sees Kalea, he wants her and is determined to get her, but Kalea sticks to her guns and doesn’t make things easy for him. I loved both of these characters but there was something so sexy about Amare’s confidence and dash of arrogance. I don’t mind a hero who is sure of himself at all.

As I continue to make my way through my currently downloaded kindle titles, I will report back with more recommendations. I hope something on this list sounds interesting and you add it to your to be read list. Happy Reading Babes, we will chat again soon!

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