5 Paranormal Romance Novels With Angels


If you like supernatural monsters playing the role of a romantic hero, you usually have a creature that is your favorite “type.” 

For me, my supernatural bias is an angel, or angel-like creatures. In paranormal romance, these creatures usually have pretty wings, good looks, and a hardwired sense of right and wrong. Sometimes they can be working for the good guys, or they may have fallen and become rebels too.

Basically, there’s a lot of variation, and a lot of books to read. If you’re a fan of feathered heros, here’s a quick list of angel romance books.

Sins of the Angels by Lydia M Hawke

Love Interest: Angelic Power

Heat Level: Sweet

I have conflicted feelings about this angel romance novel. It’s the first in a series, and it ends on a cliffhanger. Normally that’s fine, but I read ahead, and I was very upset by the second book. 

(For anyone who reads the sequel, here is my content warning for an on-page/violent sexual assault).

That said: SINS OF THE ANGELS was excellent, in isolation. While it ends on a cliffhanger, other people may be less upset by the rest of the series than I was. So I figured “let others choose” and decided to put the first book on the list.

Veering closer to a paranormal thriller than a paranormal romance, SINS OF THE ANGELS takes place in Toronto, Canada. The book follows Alexandra Jarvis, a homicide detective investigating a string of murders. She’s also phobic about angels due to a traumatic childhood event. 

When Alexandra gets a new partner, and she discovers that her partner is an angel, she’s obviously upset. Volatile, primal, and exceptionally dangerous, Aramael is “not one of the nice angels.” This murder case is one he takes personally, too, like a rabid dog to a bone. 

Immediately, they clash.

As their killer runs roughshod over the city, the two of them are forced to work together. Eventually, they end up fighting their forbidden attraction to each other, too.

Evocative, tense, and gripping, I liked Sins of the Angels for its angsty romance and atypical depiction of angels. But yeah, absolutely heed those warnings for the second book.

Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

Love Interest: Angelic Assassin

Heat Level: Sweet

Most of these recommendations fall firmly in the adult category. So it may seem strange to include a single title that is decidedly YA. However, the ANGEL BURN book is great, especially if you’re a fan of feathered protagonists. 

In this novel, we follow Willow: an average highschooler living in a backwater town who hides a very special gift. For most of her life, Willow has managed to keep a low profile. She’s never met her absentee father, and she’s only had to deal with the occasional unkind rumor about her “skills.” 

When a cult moves into town, Willow discovers that the organization is run by angels. What’s more, the angels want her dead. Desperate for help, Willow finds it in the form of an angelic assassin named Alex. The two of them race across the country to find shelter, but their forbidden love and Willow’s secret parentage threatens to destroy them.

I really liked Angel Burn for how it captured the immediacy and the intensity of your first love, and how that manifests in your actions as a teenager. I also liked its critique on American megachurches.

Content Warnings: Attempted suicide, attempted suicide bombings.

Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle

Love Interest: Fallen Angel

Heat Level: Hot

This book is a bit older (published in 2010), but it still holds up.

Featuring a love story between a she-demon and a fallen angel, Renegade Angel centers on Ember Riddick, the aforementioned demon who has moved to a small, sleepy town where nobody knows her.

The goal? To pass as a human and restart her life.

Afraid of her own powers and starved for affection, Ember hopes that this move signals good things for her future. What she didn’t count on, however, was that other demons would find her, or that they would use her to open up a portal to hell. 

The person who saves her is a beautiful, brooding, rogue angel; one who stirs a passion in her she never thought possible.

Easy to read with engaging characters and fun worldbuilding, Renegade Angel is a great angel romance novel for anyone who wants their love interests with a bit of a “wild side.” My only qualm is that the story has a weird focus on Ember’s virginity, but in the context of the book it’s only mentioned a few times.

Content Warnings: Mentions of a prior, attempted sexual assault on the main character.

Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

Love Interest: Archangel

Heat Level: Hot

Angels’ Blood is the first installment in an angel romance book series. It’s one of those novels that has been recommended to me multiple times, but I’ve always put it off because the series is very long. I didn’t have time to commit—until now.

In Angels’ Blood, Elena is a vampire hunter in a world where supernatural creatures live out in the open. This world has a strict hierarchy, with humans at the bottom, vamps next, and angels at the top. 

Eventually, Elena is singled out by the archangel Raphael, who wants her to hunt down a supernatural killer. Elena wants nothing to do with him, as Raphael is too dangerous. She tries to refuse the job. 

Unfortunately, Elena has little choice, as Raphael has taken a decidedly unprofessional interest in her. The killer’s bloodlust may also lead them straight to her door.

Fast-paced with in-depth lore, Angels’ Blood is a definite must-read for any angel fan. I do have a few qualms with it (predominantly its casual use of the word “rape” to describe scenarios outside of sexual assault) but the book is a bit older. It’s not going to age well in all areas.

You can see all the books in the Angels’ Blood series on Nalini Singh’s GoodReads.

Content Warnings: Mentions of rape/sexual assault, accusations of rape, dubious consent, gore, ablelism, mentions of slavery.

Covet by J.R. Ward

Love Interest: CEO

Heat Level: Hot

Covet is an older book that ended up on my radar because it featured angels. While the love interest is not an angel (don’t get your hopes up), there is an angel deuteragonist, and he features heavily throughout the story.

Following the crumbling lives and subsequent redemptions of three broken people, Covet starts off with Jim Heron: an ex-soldier who is trying to restart his life. When Jim is killed during a workplace accident, he is brought back to life as a “fallen angel.”

Jim’s new job? To save the soul of his ex-boss, Vin DiPietro—a ruthless, beautiful man whose girlfriend Jim slept with. 

Looking for the context clues, Jim assumes that “saving Vin” requires a romantic intervention and couples’ counselling. However, his ex-boss abruptly dumps his girlfriend and falls in love with a prostitute, Marie-Terese. When a demon starts hunting them, all bets (including Jim’s plans to play Cupid) are off.

Expertly paced, immersive, and almost tactile in how it sets up each scene, Covet manages to keep you on the edge of your seat before concluding the story on a pitch-perfect HEA.

Content Warnings: Stalking, on-page murder, flashbacks to the aftermath of a gang rape, attempted sexual assault, implied sexual assault of a male character (somewhat nebulous because its a dream sequence), mentions of domestic abuse, mentions of parental abuse, and child abduction.

Read Some Angel Paranormal Romance Books

Angels are one of the many supernatural creatures that show up in the paranormal subgenre. Really, what’s not to love, with those good looks and the feathers? That flying, too. It’s delightful to read.

While we’re on the subject: if you’re looking for more angel-focused media, check out this exclusive excerpt from Nalini Singh’s ARCHANGEL’S SUN. It’s one of the later installments in a series.

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