5 Questions With: J.D. Netto, Author of ‘The Whispers of the Fallen: Descent’


[Note From Frolic: Our resident YA expert Aurora Dominguez got the opportunity to interview author J.D. Netter and ask him five(ish) questions. J.D.’s novella ‘The Whispers of the Fallen: Descent is out now!]

Aurora: What was your inspiration behind your most recent novel?

J.D.: So I’m going to talk about my last two releases. The Whispers of the Fallen: Descent is a novella told from Lucifer’s perspective. I spent years writing an entire adventure around the finding of Lucifer’s Diary and thought it unfair not to give him a chance to share his side of things. My other release is actually a collaboration between me and 44 misfits! It’s a collection of stories centered around books and how they save lives. It was an amazing experience and privilege to pull this anthology off.

What character do you most relate to and why?

I try to pour a little bit of myself in every character I write. A friend of mine once said, “We leak what we really are because a leak is accidental.” It might sound strange, but whether I like it or not, my emotions, feelings, and beliefs are infused on every one of them.

Why do you feel young adult books are so popular and have such a voice right now?

They bring a sense of community. They encourage and inspire. In a world so divisive, they have become a harbor of strength and hope.

Please describe the content of your latest book and what can readers expect from the read.

Saved by the Page features 45 stories centered around books and how they save lives. These stories are an inspiration to any reader out there who thinks they’re alone in the universe. It’s been amazing to see the community built around the Saved by the Page movement.

What’s next for you in the book world?

I have a few projects under my sleeve, but there is one I can share. I am releasing a Christmas fantasy book later this year! There’s also a collaboration on the horizon. 😉

What’s your favorite writing method that you follow for inspiration?

I like to go to coffee shops and observe people. I observe each one and think about their lives, backstories, and how they go where they are. I’m always taking notes on my phone, coming up with character ideas and plots based on them.               


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