5 Reasons Audiobooks are Great for Working Moms

5 Reasons Audiobooks are Great for Working Moms

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Every badass working mom needs a sweet-talking sidekick. The audiobook can be yours. Here are five reasons why:

1. Time

If there’s one thing we don’t have enough of as a working mom, it’s time. We perfect the art of multi-tasking. You can listen to a book while doing any number of things: yard work, laundry, dishes, driving to work, secretly at work, waiting for kiddos to get out of school or whatever other activity they’re signed up for. 

2. Money

If you’re a working mom, money and budget are probably on the top of your list of things you think about. Here’s a #lifehack, get a library card and download the following: Libby, Overdrive, and Hoopla. These babies are stacked with sweet sounds waiting to be listened to for ZERO DOLLARS. Boom. You’re welcome. 

Side note: Don’t be afraid to indulge and support your favorite authors every once and awhile by buying the book. I do. 

3. Sweet Sounds.

Speaking of sweat sounds, two words: voice porn. You’re the boss. Whether you’re explaining something to your kids or coworkers, you may be tired of hearing your own voice. The voice actors have incredible expression that make it feel like Fabio himself is reading to you. Yes, you’ll get the occasional book that sounds like Siri, but there are so many great options— see recommendations below. 

4. Remind Yourself You’re Human

Say it with me: I’m a human with my own wants and needs to tend to. Being a working mom, we can get lost fulfilling the needs of others whether it’s our kids or our unending to-do list at work. Listening to a story is a way to carve out our own space, even if that space is only in our ears. Listening to someone else’s story can remind us that we are in the middle of our very own story. It may even give us courage to do something like take care of ourselves and the truth matter is that may be something as simple as taking a shower or as big as prioritizing the things we’ve always wanted to do. When mama’s happy the whole house is happy. 

5. Hope

I’ve been a public school teacher for a long time, on top of that I’m a mom, and I’m human (see above). All of these things mean there are tough moments I see and go through. At the end of my day I need hope and the romance genre delivers.  

Flashback: While working as a teacher in Washington DC at a school right across the street from the projects, I watched the season of The Wire where one of the cops goes into the public school system. It was like getting off of work to watch a show about work. The hope-meter on that show was close to zero, save my favorite gangster, Omar. I couldn’t take it. I never watched the end, so no spoilers please— I may get the nerve to finish it one day.

This experience reaffirmed my need to read romance! It’s a genre that can explore difficult topics and offer readers hope. Sometimes they can even model a healthy way of finding your own HEA. 

Ready to dive in? Here are some great audiobooks to start with!
The Driven series by K. Bromberg

Sub-genre: Dramatic Romance

This series started my love of audiobooks. As a new mom, I wanted to read this series before seeing the film adaptation on Passionflix. I couldn’t find the time until I found the audiobook. Let me tell you this series could never be “inconsequential.” It’ll change the way you hear the words sweet Jesus. The voice actor for Colton, Sean Criden, isn’t too shabby either!

The Truth Duet series by Aly Martinez

Sub-genre: Romantic Suspense

This book will keep you on your toes and pull those emotional heartstrings. Penn Walker is an ultra-alpha and isn’t afraid to show it. The male voice actor, John Lane, has enough gravel in his vocal chords to pull on other kinds of strings . . .

The Witchcraft series by Juliet Blackwell

Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance

These books are more a slice of witchy life with slow-burn romance in the background. The voice actress, Xe Sands, is one of my all time favorites and has graced another recommendation I have below. Her voice is the one I wish. I had— all Southern DEEP honey.

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

Sub-genre: Romantic Comedy

I love this book for the fall season and Sadie is the perfect antidote to the overplayed damsel in distress trope. Sadie’s sass-mouth and devil-may care attitude can get anyone through a bad day.

The Hoops series by Kennedy Ryan

Sub-genre: Sports/Dramatic Romance

Full-disclosure, I became a Kennedy Ryan fan girl after hearing these books. I took part in the Romance Sparks Joy online book club this summer and started with Long Shot. The amazing voices of Jakobi Diem and my above mentioned fave— Xe Sands— are just two of the voices to melt your ear buds in this series. Grab a tissue box and prepare to be inspired. 


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