5 Reasons You’ll Love Romance if You Love Action Movies


[Note from Frolic: This post is brought to you by our friends at Kensington. Looking for your next heart-pounding romance? Look no further than Driven by Rebecca Zanetti, out now!]

Everyone has a favorite genre, or three, and it can be tempting to stick to those genres rather than branching out to something new! And by all means–binge your faves. We could all use the serotonin these days. But, if action movies and books are your jam, we must implore: you would absolutely LOVE romance. Take romantic suspense, for example: all of the action you’re craving, with the added bonus of a ship to root for! One of our favorites is Driven by Rebecca Zanetti. This is the latest in Zanetti’s Deep Ops series, and it’s to die for.

When Angus and Nari are thrown together for a case, they expect to find a murderer, not love. But things never go quite as planned in romance novels, something that all of you action lovers are sure to enjoy. Here are five reasons to give romance a try if you have an affinity for action!

1. Your heart will race. 

If you love the rush you get as you watch your favorite action heroes chase down the bad guys, you’ll have just as much fun watching the romantic leads chase each other. All of those almost-kisses are just as exhilarating as watching Ethan Hunt jump off of a building. 

2. The stakes are high.

Action fans, we know you love high-stakes adventures. And what’s higher-stakes than love? Not much. If you’ve ever had a crush, you know how serious things feel when you tell them for the first time. There is nothing more exciting or serious than human emotion, and you’ll find heaps of that in romance. 

3. The attractive people. 

I find it hard to believe that you watch Keanu Reeves movies for “the plot.” Sure, that’s part of it, but Keanu is SO easy on the eyes that is can be hard to focus on anything else. For those who thrive on fictional crushes, you’ll find tons of them in the pages of romance novels. 

4. They’re FUN. 

We love to see protagonists succeed and thrive in this world no matter what genre we’re reading or watching. It’s fun to watch Jason Bourne constantly one-up the FBI, but it’s also fun to watch two characters flirt their way through a beautiful story. Fun is fun, and it’s found in both genres!

5. They’re feel-good. 

If you need a break from all of the world saving and bad guy slaying and favorite characters dying, why not read a genre where the happy ending is guaranteed? Every romance novel has an HEA, which means you can sit back, relax and know that nothing all that bad will happen–nothing that can’t be solved in a few hundred pages, anyways. 

So, action fans, have we convinced you? If so, let us know which romance novel you’ll be picking up in the comments below.

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