5 Ships to Swoon Over this Valentine’s Day


It’s February, the month where we celebrate all things love! Oh wait: here at Frolic, that’s every month! Nevertheless, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we simply must share five of our favorite, swoony ships with you. If you haven’t binged these shows yet, this is the perfect time. In no particular order:

1) Casey and Izzy from Atypical

These two are the cutest, and their story arc is an honest, real depiction of teen love and queerness. It’s so rare to see an enemies to friends to lovers plot with a queer couple, and this ship hits all the right beats. We’re impatiently waiting for the next season of Atypical, which will hopefully include even more swoony Cassie x Izzy moments. 

2) Moe and Noah from Trinkets

WE have THOUGHTS about alll of the ships on Trinkets, but this is our pick for today! Noah is the perfect amount of sweet to Moe’s salty. We loved watching their relationship grow and evolve throughout the two seasons of Trinkets. You’ll fall in love with them too, just watch…

3) David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek

Really don’t have much to say here. Just look at these two. LOOK AT THEM. 

Dani and Malcolm from Prodigal Son
4) Dani and Malcolm from Prodigal Son

So, not too much to indicate that these two are going to end up together, but we’ll die on this hill anyways. It’s so much fun watching Dani and Malcolm work together on cases and care for each other outside of work. Prodigal Son is such a fun procedural, and we highly recommend checking it out.

Morgan and Alex The Good Doctor
5) Morgan and Alex from The Good Doctor

Classic you-annoy-me to now-kiss. That’s a trope, right? This season saw Morgan and Alex move in together and a prank war ensues. Their tension is out of this world and we hope they get the arc they deserve this season. 

Which ships will you be swooning over this Valentine’s Day?


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