5 Surprising Things That Our Editors Bought and Would 100% Buy Again


We could all use a little retail therapy now and again! If you’re looking to treat yourself, here are five surprising things our editors recommend!

Sam’s Pick: Muzen OTR Bluetooth Speaker– $135

Every morning, I wake up and switch on my vintage-inspired bluetooth speaker! This little speaker features bluetooth and FM radio, and looks like an old-fashioned radio that I’d see in an 80s movie. The sound quality is unmatched, and IMO a must-have for any music lover.

Sarah’s Pick: Hiking Shoes-$71 (on sale right now, down from $90)

As the outdoors starts to open up, I’ve been finding super remote hikes to go on at least once a week. Despite being the more than occasional hiker, I was still using non-supportive running shoes. I saw these on sale and decided to pull the trigger. They are AMAZING. I may never want to wear anything else again because they are so comfortable, lightweight and don’t look ridiculous like a lot of hiking shoes! 

Megan’s Pick: Secret Deodorant Ball-$8

Let’s face it, we all sweat. But nothing can kick your confidence down a notch then VERY noticeable pit stains. I saw this handy little deodorant ball and decided to try it out and I’m so happy I did.  It’s super cute and handy for on the go and it doesn’t crumble like travel deodorants tend to. I can’t tell you the amount of times this little guy has helped my sweaty, anxiety having, self out!

Sarah’s Pick: Fire Pit-$100

A little pricey but SO worth it. It’s small and easy to turn on and off so you can use it on a porch if you live in an apartment with one, or in your yard. We have been using it to roast marshmallows in the front yard after dinner with our 5 year old and it makes for such a fun night! We’ve used it so much it’s been worth every penny. 

Sam’s Pick: Cascading Lights-$40

Here in LA, my room is pretty tiny. But that hasn’t stopped me from decorating the walls! I light up this stunning light curtain all the time to give my room a homey, colorful feel.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, these items are what we recommend!

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