5 Things Our Editors Bought from Instagram Ads and Would Buy Again


Instagram always seems to know exactly what we’re craving. Those ads are oh-so tempting! But which of those temptations should you try out? Here are five things that our editors bought thanks to an Instagram ad…and would buy again!

Sarah’s Pick: Summersalt Lounge Set: $65

Since lock down started, Instagram has basically only suggested I buy lounge wear. They know me so well! I ordered these week 2 of quarantine and have worn them so much my husband has joked that they’re my uniform now. 

I got these in the Lava/Hibiscus color and LOVE them. One note-you could probably get away with just get the joggers, the top is nice and I love matching but I haven’t worn it nearly as much as the bottoms because it’s getting so hot. 

Megan’s Pick: ZitSticka: Killa Zit Patch: $29

I, like many women, suffer from the dreaded hormonal acne. You know those fun, super deep, painful zits that never seem to come to the surface? These patches were truly a game-changer for me.  They come with a small tea-tree sheet to clean the area before you apply the patch.  The patch itself has tiny microdarts with medicine that actually get to the super-deep acne to help heal them. They are a bit pricey so I save them for when I really need them.

Sam’s Pick: Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs: Prices Vary

As a kid, I always loved mystery boxes and putting a quarter in those grocery-store toy dispensers to see what I would get. Bubbly Belle is the perfect adult way to relive that excitement! Bubbly Belle sends you a bath bomb (that smells amazing, and is super relaxing!), but there’s a surprise inside: A ring or other piece of jewelry! This product is the perfect combination of relaxation and surprise. I’m also a sucker for flashy jewelry. 

Sarah’s Pick: Ritual Vitamins: $30/month

I have known about Ritual for a long time and have even met the CEO, but had yet to pull the trigger. They do such a nice job in their social media and their ads but I am just BAD at taking vitamins so it felt like a splurge I didn’t need. When we went in quarantine I decided it was time to step my healthy habits up a notch and I ordered the pre-natal ones (for their benefits to my hair/nails which have always been weak and brittle). The packaging is spectacular and they have this minty fresh thing that sits in the bottle and makes the vitamins smell good. The best part? You can take them on an empty stomach without them making you ill. I don’t know what magic goes into it, but I’ve tried it and it’s true!  I am still bad at taking vitamins, but much much better thanks to Ritual. 

Megan’s Pick: RevAir: $299

This purchase I’m a little embarrassed to admit, not because of the AMAZING machine that it is but because of the price. That being said, I have ZERO regrets about this purchase. I have REALLY thick, unruly hair and never have been able to blow dry it myself. Not to mention the frizz that comes out when I try. This reverse hairdryer makes everything SO easy. It works like a vacuum which means the hot air isn’t blowing directly on your hair, preventing breakage and frizz. What used to take at least 45 min, now only takes 15 and there is NO skill needed to get that pretty blowout you’ve always wanted!

What have YOU bought from Instagram ads and loved?


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