5 Ways to Up Your Bookstagram Game


It’s okay to admit that you may just go on Instagram just to look at other people’s pictures of books, or their bookshelves. I think we all do that sometimes. If you have a #bookstagram and want to try your hand in taking better pictures of your books (so others can drool over them), here are some tips and tricks. 

1. Make a Flatlay

In simple terms – you lay everything flat. Pretty easy right? This is also one way for you to show off not only your books but bookish swag, too. You can also have the most flexibility when laying your objects down, like the backgrounds, props, and lighting. 

2. Use What You Have

You don’t have to go splurging on backgrounds and props when taking your photos. Look around your place and repurpose your everyday objects. Have a really cute tablecloth? Guess what that just became your background! Have some twinkle lights in your room? Add them in!

3. Find Your Style

You might already have a style going on your Instagram page, but if you are wanting to jump on the #bookstagram, why not create a new account? Creating an account just for books and what your reading will also let you “start over” on the kind of style of photos you want to post. Just remember to use the same colors (or like colors) and keep them consistent. 

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4. Follow, Follow, Follow!

Follow hashtags, follow other bookstagrammers, follow authors. Not only will others’ beautiful book photos show up on your feed, but you’ll learn of new books, new authors and you might even get new followers for yourself. 

5. Final Tips and Tricks
  • Try to use natural light
  • Take more than one photo at a time- if you are having a great photo day, keep changing up your layout and take more than one photo. That way you have a few extra photos for the week! 
  • Learn the different camera setting on your phone 
  • Don’t forget to read! 

Go forth and gram!


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