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Roses are red, violets are… milk and honey? If you’ve been around the poetry block, chances are you’ve stumbled across the queen of modern poetry, Rupi Kaur. Her poetry books, branded in lowercase lettering and embellished with hand-drawn illustrations, belong on the nightstand of every dreamer and feminist out there.

Rupi’s literary prowess goes beyond flowery words and metaphors; in fact, her poems are really easy to understand. It’s the meaning behind each haiku-like sentiment that makes Rupi so relatable when she taps into love, loss, tragedy, and hope feelings that everyone can relate to at one point or another. 

#1 New York Times Bestseller Milk and Honey sold over 2.5 million copies, and three years later, The Sun and Her Flowers sold over 3 million. With so many poems out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. So when you’re trying to whittle down your list of must-read poems, here are 6 poems you should begin with if you’re a fan of Rupi Kaur’s literary genius. Bonus: Some of these are written by poets with a similar style to Rupi, but with their own unique style! 

Rupi Kaur Accent

In her poem, Accent, Rupi challenges the shame of having an accent. She takes pride in having a voice that is a blend of two countries and disrupts the idea that speaking “differently” is a bad thing. Instead, it’s what makes you unique and gives you your own voice. She signs this poem off with one sweeping question, “What does it matter if my mouth carries two worlds?” You go, Rupi! 

Balance Rupi Kaur

Rupi’s poems touch on a variety of different topics. One page, you’ll be in tears—the next, you’ll find your mind spiralling in a vortex of deep thoughts. She feels things deeply and has a knack for putting those feelings to the page. In Balance, Rupi expresses gratitude for the way things have panned out in her life. She acknowledges that some things have been taken from her and she’s content with that, and then she thanks the universe for all that she has been given.

Secret Language Nikita Gill
Secret Language by Nikita Gill

Wild Embers by Nikita Gill is a recommendation for all Rupi Kaur fans. It makes sense why—her book is a collage of words expressing feminism and encouragement, similar to the motifs of Rupi’s work. One poem, Secret Language, is all about rallying together as females to empower and support each other. It’s an “I’ve got your back” type of read, which is an important reminder to females of all walks of life. 

You are Too Late Rupi Kair
You Are Too Late

Here’s that dose of feminism you were waiting for! We’ve all been there—waiting for an apology to resolve our feelings of hurt and vulnerability. Rupi empowers us to say, “Screw it! One day, I won’t need you.” It doesn’t matter if you ever hear the apology that you want to hear, because one day you simply won’t need it. In this poem, we focus on the big picture: Sometimes, it’s just too late. 

Weathered by Nikita Gill

Another poem by Nikita Gil, Weathered is one that makes you want to turn off Netflix and go overcome your greatest obstacles. The poem starts with, “The cliffs may seem magnificent.” It goes on to say that day by day, you can conquer whatever you work toward. It’s a great read for all ages—the type of poem you plaster on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to get out there and rock on! 

I don't need more friends
I don’t Need More Friends

This is when Rupi breaks your heart. For poetry devotees who have experienced heartbreak, this poem will sing to your soul. Not only that, but this poem tackles the dreaded question: Can we still be friends? Breakup or no breakup, i don’t need more friends tugs at the heartstrings. Fear not—you’ll go through the range of emotions in Milk and Honey, but the final chapter, The Healing, reminds you that emotional recovery is just around the corner. And it all begins with you. 


We’ll give you a few minutes to run to the bookstore for your own copy, but once you pick up one of these books, it’ll be hard to put it down. It’ll be even harder to keep it all in, so grab a box of tissues before you embark on this empowering literary journey. We are absolutely loving these picks, because none of them feel like a one-time read. For all of you literary aficionados, feminists, and feelers, these poems will be timeless works of art for the heart and soul to enjoy! 


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