8 Reasons Why You Should Download the HOOKED App

Hooked App

Have you heard of the app Hooked? No? Well, get ready because it’s a whole new way to read romance. This app features short stories that are written in a conversational, text message format. Instead of flipping pages, you tap on your phone screen to read the next text message, or the next conversation of the story. And the best part? There’s an entire catalog of romance stories on Hooked just waiting for you to read them. So why should you get this app ASAP? 

1. It’s easy to download.

Originally Hooked started as an app you could search for on SnapChat. Once it’s pulled up, you can choose from dozens of recently uploaded short stories. Or you can download the app for free from the App Store. Once it’s downloaded, you simply choose from a list of stories, and boom. You’re ready to read. 

hooked app
2. It’s written in text format.

The social media-friendly text format that Hooked uses is intended to capture a younger audience. It’s designed to engage teenagers and millennials, and get them to read more. But even if you’re not a millennial or a teen, it’s an enjoyable and fun reading experience. I’m thirty-four and I thoroughly enjoy the structure that Hooked employs. Because I have to keep tapping on the phone screen to get to the next chunk of the story, I’m constantly engaged. Every short story that I’ve pulled up on the Hooked app, I’ve always finished because I’m participating in the storytelling format of it. Plus, the text format is a fun change-up from standard reading options, like Kindles or tablets and traditional hardcovers or paperbacks. Sometimes, it’s fun to try something different. 

3. It’s convenient.

Hooked is designed specifically for reading on your phone, and that convenience can’t be beat. And because Hooked is structured in a text format, it feels especially natural to read the stories on your phone. I know that you can download e-reader apps for your phone, and those are definitely great (I have the Kindle app on my phone, which I love! I read tons of books that way). But it’s also nice to have Hooked as an option.

It also goes without saying that being able to read on your phone is much more convenient because all you have to do is pull up the Hooked app, choose a story to read, and you’re set. Much easier than having to carry around a physical book or an e-reader. 

4. The stories are short.

Hooked romance stories typically run around a thousand words, which means you can finish any story you start in one sitting. And the text format means that you’ll zip through these short stories quickly.

5. It’s free to try.

After you’ve downloaded the Hooked app, you can read the first chunk of a story at no cost and decide if you want to read the rest. If you do, you pay a small fee for unlimited access to as many stories as you want to read.

6. It features loads of romance stories at a cute heat level.

Since the target audience of Hooked is on the younger side, the heat level of the romance short stories is fairly low. But that doesn’t mean romance fans won’t enjoy them. I’m a die-hard romance lover who prefers high levels of steam. But even I adore the cute, wholesome nature of these short stories. They’re so sweet and soft, and honestly a nice break from the emotional rollercoaster that many romance novels can feel like. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the emotional rollercoaster ride of romance! But when I want a something short and sweet and soft that has a guaranteed happily ever after, Hooked is perfect. 

7. It’s a fun way to introduce romance to new readers.

Reading short stories on Hooked can serve as a sort of gateway to romance for those who are interested in reading more romantic storylines, but who aren’t ready to commit to full-length novels. Getting started on some sweet and cutesy love stories that are short is a great way to spark that initial interest.

8. The stories are written by professional authors. 

All of the romance short stories on Hooked are written by professional authors who publish books in multiple genres. That means the writing is strong and the quality is high. All of the writers who contribute to Hooked know how to construct compelling story arcs, which makes for a more satisfying reading experience. A lot of times people can be dismissive of writing apps or literature directed at younger age groups. But as one of the authors who writes for Hooked, I can assure you that loads of care and effort go into ensuring that every short story has a strong story arc, is well written and satisfying.

And if you’re curious about how my romance writing skills translate to a format like Hooked, feel free to check out my Hooked stories, Secret Admirer and Prom? Tweet me and tell me what you think! 


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