8 Spooky Rom-Coms To Listen To While Passing Out Candy


[Note from Frolic: We’re so excited to welcome our friends at Meet Cute to the site today! They’re sharing some amazing spooky rom coms with us. Happy Halloween!]

Happy spooky season from your friends at Meet Cute! Whether you’re dressing up for a Zoom costume party or leaving a bowl of candy on your front stoop for trick-or-treaters, this year’s Halloween is sure to be unforgettable. If you’ve already re-watched Hocus Pocus for the 10th time and are in need of more chilling entertainment, here are 8 rom-coms you can listen to as you work on your DIY costume. 

Each of these audio rom-coms is a little bit creepy, a little bit silly, and a lot romantic. From a haunted house that kidnaps a crew of paranormal hunters, to a VHS tape cursed by a teenage demon, there’s something for everyone’s desired fear-level. And unlike the average frightful audiofiction, these are still rom-coms at their core! Everyone gets a happily-ever-after, even the creepy crawlies.

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1. Who doesn’t love a murder mystery party? IT technician Eugene pairs up with history teacher Harriet to solve a speakeasy-themed puzzle at a weekend-long mystery getaway. But what happens when he finds her to be the bee’s knees? Find out whodunnit in Get a Clue.

2. Nerdy new kid Freddie finally meets someone he connects with! The bad news… is that she’s a murderous demon haunting a cursed VHS tape. Go back to the nightmare of high school in The Screamies – Cursed Tape.

3. Mikey is a teenage boy by day and a bloodthirsty werewolf by night. He thinks he’s all alone in the world… until he realizes his neighbor Bobby has a terrible secret. Howl at the moon in The Screamies – Teen Wolves.

4. Jasmine and Sophia are thrilled to learn about another culture at an immersion program in Belkravia… but their hosts seem to have a lot of strange traditions. Learn if they’re true believers in love in The Screamies – Study Abroad.

5. While investigating a haunted mansion, paranormal investigator Fiona experiences two inexplicable phenomena: phantoms and feelings. See if she can explain the inexplicable in The Paranormal – The Bluffs.

6. Will Priya and Evan ever get over their nerves and confess their feelings towards one another? Maybe with the help of a few meddling ghosts… Get ready for some surprises in The Paranormal – Midnight Carnival.

Meet Cute the Paranormal 3

7. Paranormal podcast producer Amy finds herself haunted by history… and a charming novelist… at a New England bed & breakfast. Explore the cozy getaway’s secrets in The Paranormal – Bed & Breakfast & Ghosts on Friday morning. 

Meet Cute Halloweenie Weekend

8. When Sam and Ava discover they’ve worn the same hot dog costume to their dorm’s Halloween party, they pursue each other with relish. Find out if they’re meant to be in Halloweenie Weekend on Saturday morning. 


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