9 Great Gay Reads Coming in April by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss


Spring has Sprung. Bees are buzzing and flowers are in bloom. Whether you’re out relaxing in the sunshine, or staying indoors to ward off brutal seasonal allergies (*raises hand* story of my life), here are a few gay stories worth checking out, no matter your romantic mood. Want an experienced firefighter or a sassy drag queen? A fantasy set in a far-away land, or perhaps a mysterious exploration of the paranormal? Whichever you choose, each of these romances is sure to warm your heart with their guaranteed happily-ever-afters. 

Rising Heat by Elizabeth Hollows (Contemporary/April 5)

When a work conference sends Neil to the wrong hotel, he finds himself surrounded by gorgeous firefighters. Luckily for him, one of them is gay and interested in a good time. Scott is gorgeous and, as it turns out, they’re both from the same town. Neil isn’t interested in dating or relationships, but can the sweet and sexy fireman change his mind?

The Moves We Make by CD Rachels (Contemporary/April 11)

When college soccer player Landon finds himself in dance class as part of his university art requirement, teaching assistant Dane tries to resist the handsome jock who admits he may not be 100% straight. As they become closer, it becomes harder to deny the chemistry they have whenever we’re in the dance studio alone. Maybe one kiss won’t hurt.

The Forgotten Dead by Jordan L Hawk (Paranormal/April 15)

Oscar, founder of the ghost-hunting team OutFoxing the Paranormal, agrees to work with prestigious and sexy parapsychologist Nigel so that his team can get a desperately needed pay day. Soon after they arrive at a supposedly haunted house, the questions begin to pile up. One thing is certain: if Oscar can’t accept the truth about his psychic abilities, and Nigel can’t face the demons of his past, they’ll join the forgotten souls of the house… forever.

The Bachelor and the Cherry by V.L. Locey (Contemporary/April 20)

Jordan has his club, his drag family, his cat, and he’s also vowed to never trust another man again. That philosophy has served him well, until Yampier shows up at the back door of Campo Royale with a suitcase, a sad story, and a dream. Is Jordan brave enough to stop hiding behind his acid-tongued persona and give love one last try?

Virgin Hearts by Emmy Sanders (Cowboy/April 21)

When Hawthorne enters a contest to win his favorite adult entertainer’s support for his town’s very first Pride Parade, he never expects to win, let alone to find himself in a friends-with-benefits relationship with the man. The only problem is, Hawthorne quickly realizes he wants more. Could someone as confident, sexy, and independent as Silver ever consider building a life with a simple, inexperienced cowboy like him?

Something Wicked by Eden Winters (Fantasy/April 23)

Prince Wycke (nickname Wicked) of the magical realm is coerced into a clandestine mission: find Piers, an evil sorceress’s hidden son, in the human realm. Unfortunately, it’s just him standing between Piers and those who’d take Piers’ magic for themselves—magic powerful enough to rule both realms. Their lives and the fate of the human and magical worlds rests in their highly incompetent hands.

The Long Game by Rachel Reid (Sports/April 26)

To the world they are rivals, but to each other, they are everything. Shane loves fellow hockey player Ilya, but what if going public ruins everything? Ilya is sick of secrets. Shane has gotten so good at hiding his feelings, sometimes he questions if they even exist. Ilya wants the closeness, the intimacy, even the risk that would come with being open about their relationship. It’s time for them to decide what’s most important—hockey or love—in this hotly anticipated sequel to Heated Rivalry.

Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper (Contemporary/April 26)

It seems Art will never see PK as more than a friend, so PK turns to his writing—in fiction, he can say all the things he can’t say out loud. Before long, the whole world has a crush on the fictionalized version of him, including Art, who has no idea that the hot new book everyone’s talking about is PK’s story. But when P.K.’s brilliant plan to win Art over backfires, he might lose not just his fantasy book boyfriend, but his best friend as well.

Love, Hate & Clickbait by Liz Bowery (Contemporary/April 26)

Political consultant Thom hates infuriatingly smug data analyst Clay. During one of their heated arguments, a journalist snaps a photo, and the image makes it look like they’re kissing. The photo goes viral—and in a bid to secure the liberal vote, their candidate asks them to lean into it. They play along, but soon their fake relationship is hurtling toward something very real, which could derail the campaign and cost them both their jobs… and their hearts.

About the Authors:

Jeff Adams & Will Knauss are husbands, authors of m/m romance and podcasters. Big Gay Fiction Podcast, their weekly show, is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can learn more about them at BigGayFictionPodcast.comjeffadamswrites.com and willknauss.com

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