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[Note from Frolic: Author Jennifer Estep is sharing some of her favorite things with us today. Take it away, Jennifer!]

These are very difficult times, and I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I’ve always loved all things fantasy, but lately, I’ve found myself turning more and more to fantasy (and scifi) books, movies, and TV shows to escape from all the grim news, at least for a few hours. Here are some things that I’ve enjoyed recently, both new and old:

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

My favorite thing about the new Star Wars trilogy is Reylo. I’m a huge (HUGE!) Reylo fan, and I loved all the tension, angst, and lightsaber fights between Rey and Kylo Ren (or Kylo Ben, as I like to call him) in The Rise of Skywalker. Plus, Adam Driver walking through the spraying water is an epic Mr. Darcy moment. 


Of course, I hated (HATED!) the part where Ben dies, so I always stop watching the movie right after Ben and Rey kiss. I have also rewritten the ending in my mind. Rey goes off to save Ben from wherever the Force took him, and they are happy and together on Tatooine. I figure we could all use a happy ending right now, even a couple of fictional characters.    

The Witcher kicked off my pop culture year with a bang! Here are some snapshots of my road to falling in love with The Witcher.
The Witcher

We all know that Henry Cavill is hunky and adorably grumbly as Geralt, but I absolutely love Joey Batey as Jaskier. He’s charming and witty and can sing you a catchy ballad. #Bardforthewin. Plus, all these weeks later, I’m still singing “Toss a coin to your witcher …”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is my favorite Marvel superhero movie and one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s got great characters, real emotional stakes, and some kick-butt fight scenes – plus Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. 


This is a really fun scifi show about three bounty hunters who set out to save their little corner of the galaxy. The show is snarky and self-aware and features a kick-butt heroine. The first two seasons, in particular, are excellent.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

This is actually a contemporary rom-com, but it’s set at a summer renaissance faire where the heroine dresses up as a tavern wench and the hero is a pirate. I got some serious Captain Swan vibes from this book, which is another ship that I adore. Sidebar: If you haven’t watched Once Upon a Time, you totally should. The first few seasons are really good.

The Diamond Throne by David Eddings

Whenever someone asks me about fantasy books, I almost always mention this one. I read this book – and the other two books in the Elenium trilogy – when I was younger, and this series helped spark my interest in fantasy books.

Beauty by Robin McKinley

This is a lovely retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale and one of my all-time favorite books. 

What about you all? What are you reading and watching right now? What are some of your favorite fantasy and scifi books, movies, and TV shows? Happy reading and watching, and stay safe!

About the Author: 

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea. 

Jennifer writes the Crown of Shards epic fantasy series. Crush the King, book #3, was released on March 17. 

Jennifer is also the author of the Elemental Assassin, Mythos Academy, Bigtime, and Black Blade fantasy series. She has written more than 35 books, along with numerous novellas and stories.  

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hanging out with friends and family, doing yoga, and reading fantasy and romance books. She also watches way too much TV and loves all things related to superheroes. She is a huge Marvel superhero/movie fan – especially of the Captain America and Winter Soldier characters – and is addicted to holiday romance movies. 

Jennifer’s favorite TV shows as a kid were The A-Team and Saved by the Bell – and she still watches them both on occasion. When it comes to music, she loves Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, and Caro Emerald. 

For more information on Jennifer’s books, visit www.jenniferestep.com or follow her on FacebookGoodreads, Twitter, Amazon, and BookBub. You can also sign up for her newsletter.

Crush the King by Jennifer Estep, out now!

A fierce gladiator queen must face off against her enemies in an epic battle in this next thrilling installment of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Estep’s Crown of Shards series—an action-packed adventure full of magic, murderous machinations, courtly intrigue, and pulse-pounding romance.

Queen Everleigh Blair of Bellona has survived the mass murder of the royal family, become a fearsome warrior trained by an elite gladiator troupe, and unleashed her ability to destroy magic. After surviving yet another assassination attempt orchestrated by the conniving king of Morta, Evie has had enough. It’s time to turn the tables and take the fight to her enemies.

There is no better opportunity to strike than during the Regalia Games, a time when warriors, nobles, and royals from all the kingdoms come together to compete in various sporting events. With the help of her loyal friends, Evie goes on the attack at the Regalia, but things don’t turn out the way she hopes. Soon, she is facing a terrifying new threat, and she will have to dig deep and learn even more about her growing magic if she has any chance of defeating her foes.

Because to secure her throne and ensure her kingdom’s survival, Evie must think like a true Bellonan: she must outsmart and outwit her enemies . . . and crush the king.

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