A Fond Farewell to Schitt’s Creek

The beloved show Schitt's Creek is coming to an end.

The beloved Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek finished its sixth and final season this year, with its final episode on April 7th

If you haven’t watched the show yet, the first five seasons are all available on Netflix. In my opinion, the show just gets better and better with each season! 

If you’re already a big fan of Schitt’s Creek and are having a hard time saying goodbye to Rose Apothecary, The Café Tropical, and Rosebud Motel, then please join me in reminiscing about what makes this show so very special. 

David and Patrick

This is probably one of the top things that keeps fans of the show coming back again and again. In season three, sparks begin to fly between David and his new business partner, Patrick. Ever since then, their blossoming and strengthening romance has been a cornerstone of the show’s success. 

I’ve recommended Schitt’s Creek to several friends based on the way David and Patrick’s relationship plays out. In a world where homophobia can still run rampant, the portrayal of these two and the town’s total acceptance of their love is a breath of fresh air. 

Several of my LGBTQ friends have found comfort in seeing the love surrounding David and Patrick. Patrick’s serenade of “Simply the Best” always makes one of my friends cry because it’s so touching (me too, buddy. Me, too). 

I can’t get enough of David and Patrick because, in addition to their role in LGBTQ television history, they’re also just a super compelling couple. David’s dramatic side is balanced by Patrick’s calm-yet-sarcastic demeanor. Patrick’s chill life is changed for the better by David’s big ideas. They have the qualities of all the best romantic couples of our time!

Stevie Budd: The Best Friend We All Need

Stevie begins the series as the front desk clerk at the Schitt’s Creek motel. She’s sarcastic, jaded, and the perfect companion for David. 

As the series progressed, Stevie cracked open her rough shell and started to make herself more open and vulnerable. As she went into business with Johnny to improve the motel and tried her hand at dating different people, Stevie’s journey to embracing a little more earnestness has been a joy to watch. 

Specifically, a major arc of Schitt’s Creek’s fifth season involves Stevie putting herself out there and starring in the town’s production of Cabaret. Her rendition of the song “Maybe This Time,” is such a gorgeous culmination of Stevie’s journey to find herself and pursue her dreams. She’s never lost her sardonic wit, but Stevie’s road to more courageous openness brings a lot of heart to this little comedy!

Moira Rose-isms

This one is hard to convey through the power of the written word, but just trust me: Moira Rose pronounces things in a truly bananas way, and our world is better for it. 

Perhaps her best-known linguistic contribution is her pronunciation of “baby” as “behbeh”. There are so many other lines that are spoken with signature Moira inflection. My personal favorite is the way she says, ‘I think I may have killed A MAN!” 

Her bizarre pronunciations and intonations are just one part of the comedy equation. I have to believe Moira ACED the language portion of her S.A.T.s because her vocabulary is second-to-none!

What other character on television could you imagine saying things like, “Things are moving along at a dangerously rapid velocity,” or “What you did was impulsive, capricious, and melodramatic. But it was also wrong.”? 

Moira Rose’s grasp and use of the English language makes her one of the most unique mother figures to ever grace our tv screens!

A Little Bit Alexis 

Truly, Alexis went from being one of the most “meh” characters in my opinion to someone whose journey I truly cared about! I’m so glad her character has found some purpose and a stronger sense of self. 

But Alexis’s greatest legacy is the pop song, “A Little Bit Alexis,” which was the theme song for her in-universe reality show! 

Is this song on my playlist of jams to get pumped up in the morning? ABSOLUTELY. I cannot get enough of it. 

The Town Is So Lovable

In the first season of Schitt’s Creek, the town and its inhabitants tend to be a major part of the joke. They’re not cosmopolitan enough for the Rose family. The town mayor, Roland, was portrayed as an unintelligent and rude adversary for the level-headed and pragmatic Johnny. Part of the joke seemed to be about how terrible the town was. 

Over time, as the Rose family changed, their relationship to the town changed, too! Even though members of the town are still weird and annoying, viewers get glimpses of the townies’ kind hearts and community spirit. By the end of the series, Roland has turned from Johnny’s worst nightmare into his business partner and friend. 

It’s definitely hard to say goodbye to Schitt’s Creek. Lucky for us, there are plenty of episodes to watch and re-watch whenever we want to spend time with our favorite wacky family in a teeny tiny town. 

Do you have something you absolutely adore from Schitt’s Creek? Tell us all about what you love about it in the comments or by reaching out to @onfrolic!


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