A Little Sassy Southern Romance by Kate Olson by Kate Olson

A Little Sassy Southern Romance by Kate Olson

By Kate Olson (aka TheLoudLibraryLady)

I’m all for realistic, contemporary fiction/romance ~ as in, that’s the overwhelming majority of what I read. I like being able to relate to characters and imagine myself in their world. However, this sassy new southern series from Molly Harper (Gallery Books) may technically be realistic fiction, but it’s so deliciously over-the-top that it’s hard to read it that way. The Southern Eclectic series introduces us to the McCready family in the little town of Lake Sackett, Georgia. And they are eccentric. Now when I say the family is eccentric, I mean, really eccentric. Like, they own a bait shop connected to a funeral home eccentric! And live on what is essentially a family compound. I could go on…...and on.  I adore the exaggerated, down-home, Southern sassiness of these books ~ they combine close family and small town friendships…….and romance, of course.

NOTE: In addition to the two full-length titles below, I just discovered that there are also 2 novellas in the series as well ~ SAVE A TRUCK, RIDE A REDNECK (technically first in this series) and PEACHY FLIPPIN' KEEN (comes chronologically between SWEET TEA & AIN'T SHE A PEACH). These appear to only be available digitally, so I just bought them for my Kindle — only $1.99 each! If you are lucky enough to be brand-new to the series, I highly recommend trying to read them in chronological order so you can enjoy ALL of the McCready family fun.

Sweet Tea & Sympathy by Molly Harper

This is the book that first introduced me to the series! Margot is a Chicago event planner who, through a disastrous turn of events, needs to flee her city life... and fortuitously, her long-lost McCready family is wanting her to come back to the family fold. Due to her parent’s divorce, Margot has almost no memories of the family and Lake Sackett, and their quirkiness definitely shock her a bit! In addition to her adjustment to her new life, throw in a romance with the elementary school principal, and Margot has a LOT to figure out ~ namely, is this where she belongs?

Ain’t She a Peach by Molly Harper

Same setting, same family! This time with Frankie, the 20-something town's coroner and embalmer as the main character. Frankie is flamboyant and rebellious, but also very attached to her family due to some medical issues in her past. Enter the sexy new town sheriff, and Frankie is starting to think about perhaps spreading her wings a bit and gaining some independence.

If you love a straight up fun and decidedly southern world to lose yourself in, give this series a try. You may just start questioning why ALL families aren’t like the McCreadys, because they all have a whole lot of love to spread around.

About the Author

Kate Olson is a reader, blogger, librarian, wife and mother in Wisconsin. When not reading, she is buying books, taking pictures of books for Instagram, sorting and shelving books or writing about books (here). While she attempts to read a wide variety of genres on a regular basis, her first loves will always be romance and women’s fiction.

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