An Elder Millenial’s Journey Through TikTok

An Elder Millenial's Journey Through Tik Tok

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Megan, I am the Head of Editorial here on Frolic, and I am an elder millenial. I am also now addicted to TikTok…

It all began before the Covid19 shut down began. One of our youngest employees showed us this ridiculous TikTok video that I wanted to roll my eyes at but instead ended up cry laughing.

Once quarantine began and I had way more time on my hands I figured, why not download the app, there is no way I’ll even like it. Y’all I could not have been more wrong. I have spent countless hours watching content on this app and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I went from being embarrassed to even be on it, to openly mentioning TikToks I’ve seen. 

I’ve compiled 5 TikTok accounts you should check out (if you haven’t already) and no they aren’t all ‘TikTok dances.’ No shade to those accounts because they are amazing, but I want to show that there is more to the app than us Millennials give it credit for.

1. @skincarebyhram

First up we have the amazing skincare genius, Hyram. This was the first account that I became addicted to and for good reason. He breaks down skincare products in a really easy to understand way and recommends affordable products. I’ve completely changed my skincare game and my skin is SO thankful for it.


About y’alls favorite “statistics“ 🙄

♬ original sound - rynnstar
2. Rynnstar

I stumbled on Rynn via my For You page (TikTok recommended videos based on what you like) and I could not be more grateful for that. She has been so crucial in helping to strengthen my arguments supporting the BLM movement. She’s so smart, witty and you need to be following her. Trust me.

3. @MariahAnkenman

Of course I have to show love to Romancelandia. Mariah’s account is hysterical and shows a lot of behind the scenes of a romance author’s life.

4. @mikaylaraines.saveafox

Looking for cute animals? I’ve got you covered. Mikayla runs a fox rescue called Save a Fox. Yes, you heard that right, a FOX FREAKING RESCUE. She has videos galore of adorable foxes doing adorable things.


I... am a Hulu original that no one has seen

♬ original sound - eight.great.danes
5. @eight.great.danes

Eli of eight.great.danes cracks me up. He records vlog style videos in his bathroom that cover everything from politics to his daily annoyances. 

There you have it. How I got addicted to Tik Tok and some amazing accounts to get you started on your own journey. If you are also a fan of the app, let me know in the comments your favorite accounts!


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