Author Penny Reid Dream Casts Her Winston Brothers Series!

Author Penny Reid Dream Casts Her Winston Brothers Series!

Keeping it 100% real, I have mixed feelings about seeing the Winston Brothers on the small (or large) screen. The family dynamics might make for some fun television, but I worry much of the weirdness would be lost in translation. Finding the perfect cast would be a really important first step in bringing the Winstons (and their shenanigan support system) to life.

Since no one asked, I have a few ideas…

Jethro Whitman Winston: Michiel Huisman

He really has the charming swagger that just is Jethro Winston. Michiel just *looks* like a reformed bad boy who now spends his evenings knitting at home. I mean, look at that sweater!

Billy Shakespeare Winston: Henry Cavill 

Superman has the polished look of Billy Winston the politician, but you know, not in a bad way.

Cletus Byron Winston: Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt with a beard embodies Cletus Winston and his shenanigans pretty well. I think he’d be GREAT in a cozy mystery situation.

Ashley Austen Winston: Rachel McAdams

Rachel has this wholesome beauty queen look about her that is very Ashley Winston. That look that says she’ll be misjudged and recognized for her beauty alone. I don’t know Rachel but I’m sure she, like Ashley, has so much more to offer than her outward beauty.

Beau Fitzgerald Winston: Domhnall Gleeson

Beau and Duane both share Domhnall as character inspiration, but two different sides. If you’ve read the Winston Brothers series, you know that Beau is very affable and Duane is the surly twin. Two sides of the same actor make up the Winston twins

Roscoe Orwell Winston: Chris Evans

Captain America makes a great Roscoe Winston. They share that charming vibe that makes them both very lovable. And they both share a love of animals. #perfectmatch

Drew Runous: Charlie Hunnam

Drew Runous is jokingly referred to in Beauty and the Mustache as “Charlie” because of his strong resemblance to Charlie Hunnam, and he really is the perfect actor to portray the dreamy poet.

Scarlet St. Claire: Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce has that wonderful balance of toughness and vulnerability, and I love her for Scarlet’s character casting.

Jennifer Sylvester: Emilia Clarke

Emilia is a really versatile actress and I feel like all of her looks would contribute to the multi-layered Jennifer Sylvester. She’s even holding a banana, c’mon!

Shelly Sullivan: Olivia Wilde

Olivia has perfected that judgmental aloofness while also hinting at untold layers and she just screams Shelly Sullivan to me.

Denise Binot
Sienna Diaz: Denise Bidot

My character Sienna, is an actress and the gorgeous and talented Denise Bidot definitely has the right stuff to play Sienna. 

Jessica James: Natalie Dormer

I love Natalie Dormer and her smirk. That is just so Jessica James. She’s confident and sassy and comfortable in her own skin.

Simone Payton: Sierra Aylina McClain

Sierra would make a fantastic Simone Payton. She’s strong and fierce and gorgeous and funny, and who I envisioned when writing.

Photo: Casey Curry, Invision, AP File
Bethany Winston: Sally Field

Sally Field IS Bethany Winston. I can’t think of anyone better to embody the Winston matriarch.

Darrell Winston: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Bad boy Jeffrey Dean Morgan has the perfect balance of rascal and irascibility to play irredeemable Darrell Winston.

Jackson James: Ryan Gosling

Readers haven’t had a whole lot to go on for Jackson James. Hope Ellis gives Jackson a large secondary role in her recent Smartypants Romance release, Been There Done That. But Jackson’s turn for an HEA is coming in 2021 with Totally Folked. And I’m going to go with Ryan Gosling to fill his role.

Daisy Payton: Angela Bassett

My Daisy Payton is very much Angela Bassett. She’s unbelievably gorgeous, nuanced delivery, wisdom, and perfect to play the savvy businesswoman and matriarch of the Payton family. Fans can check out Daisy’s origin story that takes place in 1975 from Smartypants Romance author, Chelsie Edwards. It’s so exciting to read about Daisy’s past and first love. I may have to think about the perfect actress to play her as her younger self. Hmmm.

A Beardy Bonus by Penny Reid, out now!

All the Winston Brothers bonus scenes and deleted excerpts all in one place! This collection includes:
Extra Scene: Billy and Scarlet
A Winston Christmas
Beauty and the Beard
Deleted Scene: Truth or Beard
Deleted Scene: Grin and Beard It
Deleted Scene: Beard in Mind
Duane’s Letter to Beau
Cletus’s Letter to Santa
Duane’s Letter to Jess
Billy’s Letter to Scarlet
Pie in the Beard
Beard in Waiting
A Very Beardy Christmas
Beard and Hen


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  1. Shannan Gordon

    The way my mouth dropped and I said “yeeesssss” (literally aloud) so many time. All of this would be amazing. I wouldn’t miss one minute.

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