Authors Share Real Life Ghost Encounters & More!

Authors share ghost encounters and more

[Note from Frolic: We are excited to bring you this latest spotlight on the authors writing in the K. Bromberg universes. You can check out their great titles and more at]

To celebrate the October releases of titles in the K. Bromberg universes, we asked authors to share their favorite Halloween candies and real-life ghost encounters or favorite horror movies. Here are their answers!

Evan Grace shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Reese’s pumpkins because the holiday ones are super fresh and yummy!”

Favorite Horror Movie: “My fave horror movie is the whole Scream franchise. My boys, including my hubby, make fun of me because I watch them so much.”

Harlow Layne shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Candy corn.”

Favorite Horror Movie: “Dawn of the Dead.”

Stephanie Nichole shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Caramel apple lollipops.”

Favorite Horror Movie: “I like so many horror movies but if I have to pick, It (original or remake) or Scream.”

Tracy Lorraine shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “I’m a Brit and we don’t really do Halloween like in America but I’m more of a chocolate girl than a candy girl!”

Favorite Horror Movie: “I’m a total wimp and I hate scary movies, I will do anything I can to get out of watching anything even remotely scary! Pass me a good romance novel please!!”

Cheri Marie shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Starburst and Reeses are my favorite Halloween candy, but really they’re my favorite year round. If I’m craving chocolate, Reeses is my go-to, if I want something fruity then its Starburst.”

Have you had any ghost encounters?: “I’m actually highly sensitive and intuitive to the spirit world so I’ve had many ghost encounters. One that I experience quite frequently is the ghost that lives on the property of my house. He’s a young man, maybe in his mid twenties and from time to time I will see him walk through the yard or he’ll be standing out by the fence when I get the dogs out to do their business. There have also been a few times where he scared the hell out of me by banging on the door like an actual person was knocking. I could give you a list of encounters, but then we’d be here all day. lol”

Georgia Coffman shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “I like Kit Kats and M&Ms, always! But as a kid, I’d steal them out of my family’s Halloween candy bowl every October. There were hardly any left by the time trick-or-treaters came by. Now, that candy is nostalgic of those early days when I felt like I was being sneaky and “bad” by eating the “good” candy myself!”

Have you had any ghost encounters?: “I’m not sure if this is a ghost encounter, per se, but one night, one of my dogs woke me up. He was trembling as he does when there’s a storm, but it wasn’t raining that night. I went downstairs to lie on the couch with him, and at one point, around four in the morning, he suddenly stopped trembling. He was eerily stiff and still, staring past me like he saw a GHOST. I got goosebumps like there was another presence. When I (very slowly) turned around to check behind me, there was nothing there. But the chills didn’t go away, and I didn’t sleep for the next two or three nights, thinking our apartment was haunted!”

April Canavan shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Oh lord — I would have to say I love milky way and twix the most. They get stuck in my teeth, and it always ends up as a mission to get the caramel and chocolate out. It’s like having two candies in one lol.”

Have you had any ghost encounters?: “OH MY GODS, Yes. Extremely sad start here. But my little sister killed herself when my son was about three.  Ever since, randomly throughout the year, he’ll pop out of his room and tell me things from “Auntie Margot” and they’re things that were private conversations that she and I had together. Things he’d never be able to overhear, not in a thousand years. And he’ll pop out of his room at two or three in the morning and wake me up and tell me “Auntie Margot was telling me about the time she held me when I was a baby and dropped me and you both swore never to tell anyone” Kid’s a weirdo, but he’s also got his ghost-auntie watching out for him. No doubt in my mind.”

A.C. Wilds shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “I’m a self declared candyholic. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so when I used to get full sized bars in my trick-or-treat bag those were always my favorites.”

Have you had any ghost encounters?: “I’ve had several. I’d say the scariest one was when I lived in an apartment in Queens, NY. There was a solider that used to visit me at night. He never said or did anything, just stood in my living room. I couldn’t tell what war he was from, but my guess is the Revolutionary War.”

Mellie Callahan shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “Not sure if FunDip is a specific Halloween candy, but I love it. I love anything with straight sugar, something that my heroine (with a Halloween birthday 😉) and I have in common.”

Favorite Horror Movie: “I only watch scary movies through my fingers when I can’t avoid them completely. My version of scary Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus.”

Lacey Black shares…

Favorite Halloween Candy: “I love candy corn, but only when mixed with peanuts. Then it tastes like a PayDay candy bar! But if I’m stealing candy from my kids’ buckets, I always go for the Milky Way first.”

Favorite Horror Movies: I’m not a big fan of scary movies. I don’t like blood and get grossed out easily, but I guess I would pick the Scream movies, probably because the first one came out when I was in high school. I watched it with friends and went to the bathroom like fifteen times during the movie so I could hide. #NightmaresForDays.”

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