Aggressive Halloween Decorations & More: Authors Share their Favorite Fall Activity

Authors share their favorite fall activity

Fall is finally here, and we’re here for it! To celebrate, we asked some great atuhors to share their favorite fall activity. Do you spy your favorite on this list?

Rachel McMillan shares…

“One of my favourite fall activities is to pick a day when the sky is that bright clear blue you only get in September and October and pick a perfect place to read.  Usually this is in a garden path called Philosopher’s Walk here in Toronto when all of the leaves have turned vibrant colours or sometimes High Park.    I always pick up a pumpkin spice latte and bring a truly atmospheric “things-that-go-bump-in-the-night” book with me.  This can include any gothic by Hester Fox or Kate Griffin; but I also tend to intentionally save my yearly CS Harris Sebastian St Cyr books for this time of year. Intentional seasonal reading makes for the best type of book experience! When it gets too chilly for my blanket scarf, I’ll head over to a local pub and sample their latest pumpkin ale.”

Melissa Ferguson shares…

“Aside from all the traditional things to do in the fall that I embrace (admittedly waaay too early!), one of my favorite things to do is gather with a group of friends and head to a corn maze where, instead of simply walking through the maze, we split up into small groups and turn it into a wild race! It’s even better when you bet on something and the winning group gets the prize. I used to do this with a large group of teens when I was the teen director for an afterschool program, and now as a mother I’ll say it was still absolutely gleeful to dash around like a madwoman with my double stroller and babe strapped to my back, fighting to the death through corn stalks for a Starbucks latte or bag of kettle corn. 🙂 I highly recommend everyone try it!”

Katherine Reay shares…

“I love fall. I love the colors, the smells, the idea of new pens and empty pages of paper as students of all ages return to school and, of course, I adore the soft wool sweaters. I live near a Big Ten school, and each fall a group of us get tickets together. We arrive early to the games and “tailgate” for a few hours before kickoff. It’s amazing fun, probably because one member of our little group is an accomplished chef! While that can’t happen this fall, something new has already emerged. Replace the beer with a glass of wine, the table out the back of an SUV with a fire pit and strategically placed chairs, and the anticipation of a football game with some good music, and I’ve found a new favorite activity for this fall. Throw some s’mores in there and… Heaven!”

J’nell Ciesielski shares…

“As Autumn tumbles in like one of its colorful falling leaves, many people’s natural instinct is to throw on a sweater, wrap themselves in a scarf, grab their pumpkin flavored beverage of choice and snuggle up by the fire. Not me. My instinct is to decorate. That’s right. I live for throw pillows and garlands of leaves strung across the mantle while Nat King Cole croons Autumn Leaves are Falling in the background (because no house makeover is complete without its own soundtrack.) During the summer my house experiences a drought of decoration, but come 1 September out scatters the pumpkins, plaids, and “Happy Fall Y’all” door wreath. No orange and brown color scheme for me, oh no. I prefer the fresher palette of navy, mulberry, crisp green, and gold, and let me tell you, I fling those colors around like pixie dust until the whole house looks like we’ve taken up residence in a pumpkin. Pretty cozy, just like the throw blankets now scattered over every piece of furniture.”

Siri Mitchell shares…

“Fall is my favorite season. There are a handful of recipes that I only cook once a year and only when the weather starts to cool. I’m not a baker. I am genetically unable to sift flour and I seem to have a force field that inhibits rising in things like biscuits and cakes. But if you give me a stove and a pot, I can simmer up an excellent poulet au pruneaux served with buttered ditalini and chives; a classic sauerbrauten with gingersnap gravy and knodels; or a pumpkin pasta with sausage and mushrooms. This year, I’m also planning on sliding a mushroom and cumin sfiha into the oven. I can’t wait!”

Denise Hunter shares…

“Every year I look forward to the crisp, cool weather of autumn. It’s my favorite season for many reasons: cute boots, cozy sweaters, beautiful foliage, crackling bonfires—and college football. My family goes to South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame games. I’m not a die-hard sports fan, but I do enjoy the familiar campus traditions, the scent of burgers wafting across the stadium, and most of all, the time spent with family. This year, we’ll be enjoying the games from our living room, but I’m still excited to see what the season has in store!”

Michèle Phoenix shares…

“Where I live in the Midwest, fall is a short window of time between unbearable heat and intolerable cold. The moment temperatures begin to dip into the 70s and 60s in the evenings, I find my thick down comforter in the closet where it’s been stored all summer and head out to my deck as often as possible. With a glass of something sparkling on the table beside me, I curl up in a comfy chair, wrap myself in the soft cotton, and watch the setting sun turn the grass golden around me. Bliss.”


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