Behind the Book Cover: Interview with Romance Cover Model Andrew Biernat

Model Andrew Biernat

Okay, romance readers. I know you probably wonder about the models who pose for all those book covers you own and love—yes, the ones with the abs. Well, let’s break it down, shall we? I had the opportunity to chat with Andrew Biernat, one of said cover models. And I kid you not, he is one of the sweetest, silliest, and down-to-earth humans ever.

Rachel: How did you get into modeling for book covers?

Andrew: So, I was bartending a birthday party in La Jolla about 4 or 5 years ago and Wander Aguiar and Andrey Bahia were two of the guests in attendance. Andrey came up and asked me if I ever thought about modeling. I kind of laughed and said, “Yeah my mom always said I should get into it.” Then later on, Wander came up to the bar and gave me his card and said, “Let’s set up a shoot.” I called him the next day. I believe we sold one of the images from our first ever shoot. I was a rookie, but Wander gave me great direction, and honestly, I’m still learning from him today. My very first book cover was Degrade by T.L. Smith.

Model Andrew Biernat holding a book
Have you ever read any of the books you’ve been on the cover of?

Broadway Beans by Karen Cimms. 🙂 I would read more of them, but it’s so hard finding the time.

Be sure to check out Broadway Beans, if you’re in the mood for a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy.

Most awkward photo shoot?

Hmm that’s tough… I don’t have one that comes to mind. I try to make the best of every situation. I have been on sets with people that are kind of awkward or stand-offish, but I try to break that wall down instantly. Being a goofball works like a charm.

Goofball is an accurate description indeed. Be sure to check Andrew’s IGTV videos on Instagram and follow along with his stories to grasp the true meaning of “goofball.”

Most fun photo shoot?

One of the most fun shoots has to be this commercial/print campaign I did for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. It was literally insane!!! We got to spend a week in the Bahamas doing everything you could do if you were there on vacation. It was absolutely amazing! Also, Lenny Kravitz was in the commercial, so that was pretty cool. 🙂

Do you ever get recognized in public?

The only time I was ever recognized in public was when I was in Miami doing shows for Swim Week. I was at an Equinox Gym in Miami Beach, and someone said, “Are you Andrew Biernat?” And, I said yes. Then, they began to tell me how much they loved my Instagram posts. That was the first and last time that’s ever happened, hahaha.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a film called The Heart to Fight. I was cast back in March but COVID brought everything to a pause. We just began filming about a week ago and we will be shooting until the end of November, if everything stays on schedule. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

The Heart to Fight is an action-packed thriller set in San Diego due to be released next year, which stars Andrew as Daniel—a detective forced to choose between his job and his family.

Model Andrew Biernat
What’s your workout regimen like?

I like to work out every day. Most people like to take rest days, but I always feel like my day is incomplete if I didn’t go to the gym for at least an hour. But, my real secret to keeping a six pack all year round is intermittent fasting. I have been doing it for 4 years now and I love it! I definitely recommend it, but obviously ask your doctor if it’s right for you.

Who are these dogs that show up on your Insta-feed?

Haha, not my dogs! They belong to Wander Aguiar and Andrey Bahia. Their names are Jake and Logan, and they are the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. 🙂

Model Andrew Biernat with dogs
What is one thing you really enjoy doing?

Going on adventures with my girlfriend! 🙂

Any closing words, Andrew?


Well, that’s a wrap! It was such a pleasure getting to know Andrew, and to be able to share with you this brief snippet of the man behind the book cover. You can find him on Instagram at @andrew.biernat, and if you follow, you’re guaranteed a healthy dose of good laughs and positive vibes.


For more romance recommendations and fun story pairings, you can find me at @rcbooksandfood.


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