Best Movies to Snuggle Up And Watch This Halloween by Jeaniene Frost


Ah, Halloween, the day when costumes replace normal attire, candy consumption replaces diets, and fun-loving scares are not only acceptable, they’re encouraged. What’s not to love about a holiday like that?

Many people have their Halloween traditions, though if you’re like me, those traditions might have changed over the years. As a child, I trick-or-treated up to an age where I really should have stopped, but hey, FREE CANDY! Can you blame me for stretching that out? In my twenties, I often went to parties where I imbibed of more adult treats like Halloween-themed cocktails. In my thirties, I frequently went with my niece and nephews as they trick-or-treated. Now that I’m in my forties, my traditions have transitioned again and I usually spend Halloween at home with my hubby indulging in two of my favorite things: horror movies and candy (you didn’t think I’d outgrown my love of candy, did you? Perish the thought!)

Since I write about vampires, it should come as no surprise that some of my favorite horror movies feature vampires. In fact, the other day, I compiled a list of my top five vampire movies. Some are what you’d refer to as “vintage,” but a few are newer, and they all might be new to you. So, if you love a good horror movie marathon on Halloween night like I do, or if you like to indulge in the occasional horror movie marathon no matter what night it is, here’s some vampire movies you might enjoy:

UNDERWORLD, movies 1 and 2

A badass vampire assassin gets pulled into a conspiracy featuring other vampires and werewolves. Nice forbidden-love romantic subplot, too.

DRACULA 2000  

Did you know that Gerard Butler once played a vampire? No? Then I probably don’t need to say more, but I will: interesting mythology behind the vampire lore in this one, plus lots of action and snappy one-liners.

Interview with the Vampire

Practically a classic for many vampire lovers. I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, but I loved him as Lestat. And who could forget Brad Pitt’s heartbreaking portrayal as Louis, or Kristen Dunst’s adorable-yet-terrifying turn as the child vampire Claudia?

Let The Right One In

Doesn’t really matter if you see the Swedish version from 2008 or the US one retitled LET ME IN from 2010 – you’ll get a great, creepy movie with a solid storyline either way. Also, props for showing in the most graphic way possible that it’s NOT a good idea to be a bully.

BLADE, all three movies

What can I say? I loved Wesley Snipe’s portrayal as the half-human, half-vampire hunter Blade, who takes his dhampir curse and turns it into a weapon to make himself the undead world’s version of the Boogeyman. This series has non-stop action and a surprising amount of humor, especially in the third movie.

Fright Night
Honorable mention: FRIGHT NIGHT from 2011.

Colin Farrell’s version of Jerry the Vampire was fabulous. My favorite part was how Jerry got around not being invited inside by the teenage hero. Now that’s some scary, smart thinking!

But Jeaniene, you might be saying. I’m not in the mood for regular horror movies even if it is Halloween. I need something silly and funny to take my mind off things. Don’t worry, I have you covered, too! Here’s my top three campy horror comedies. None of these are vampire movies, but they’re all primed to have you screaming with laughter instead of fear.

The Final Girls

This spoof of 80s horror movies had me in stitches, and I wasn’t the only one. When my sister saw it, she laughed so hard at one part, she inadvertently farted (yes, I said that in public, sis! That’s payback for all the times you creased the spines of my books out of spite when we were kids, ha!) It even has a few heartwarming scenes, too. But most of all, it’s pure fun. Enjoy.

The Babysitter
THE BABYSITTER (2017, Netflix original movie)

Snarky and funny all the way through, with some good tension as you root for the young hero to overcome long odds, but no real scares, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s just what the doctor ordered if you could use a laugh while still indulging in some light horror.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

This movie is slapstick, comedy-horror gold. I loved everything about it, from turning the “killer redneck” trope hilariously on its head to the many over-the-top accidental deaths that give our heroes “a doozy of a day.” For me, it’s a comfort re-watch whenever I want a guaranteed good giggle.

So, whether you’re going out, staying in, or trick-or-treating ‘til you drop, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Halloween! And remember, just like the scares aren’t real on Halloween, neither are the calories from the candy you consume (at least, that’s what I tell myself every year *wink*)


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