Best Romance Films Set In New York by Lisa Becker

Best Romance Film Set In New York by Lisa Becker

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I ♥ NY!

When I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles, one of the first “popular” songs I learned to play on the piano was ”New York, New York” and I truly longed to “be a part of it.”  I was fortunate that my career in public relations sent me there often for meetings and events, so I’ve had many occasions to explore the city.

I love shopping the eclectic stores of Greenwich Village, watching the chess players in Washington Square Park, embracing the electric vibe of Times Square, gorging on chocolate babka from Zabar’s, and wandering the trails of Central Park.  I love the museums, diverse cultures, unique neighborhoods, endless food options, and that there’s a Duane Reade on every damn corner.

I’ve always had a love affair with the city that never sleeps. My newest romance novel, The Subway Girl, takes place in New York and centers around a missed connection on the subway. The book was inspired by a true story and a desire of mine to pay tribute to a city made for love.

To help you get in the mood for The Subway Girl, here are ten of my favorite romance movies (in chronological order of release) that take place in New York. 

Working Girl (1988)

Riding the Staten Island Ferry to work each day, a smart and ambitious secretary dreams of  taking the business degree she earned at night school and climbing the corporate ladder. When her new boss is out sick, she seizes the opportunity to show what she can do. When “Let the River Run” rolls over the closing credits, you’ll be cheering for this plucky heroine and her happily ever after both in terms of  business and romance. 

Favorite quote: “I have a head for business and a bod for sin.”

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

If you aren’t already familiar with this classic, grab slice of pie – whipped cream on the side – and que it up. Harry and Sally meet when she gives him a ride to New York from Chicago after college graduation. They debate whether men and women can be friends, or if sex will get in the way. Over the course of many years and chance encounters, these two finally establish a friendship but one night of romance has the potential to change their relationship forever. 

Favorite quote: TIE (1) “I’ll have what she’s having.” (2) “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

It Could Happen To You (1994)

When police officer Charlie doesn’t have enough cash to tip waitress Yvonne, he promises to split a lottery ticket. When Charlie hits the lucky numbers, he and Yvonne find a way to bring joy to others, much to the dismay of Charlie’s greedy wife. When you find out how New York repays these two generous and loving gems, you just may have goosebumps. 

Favorite quote: (Yvonne): “Because of me, you have nothing.” (Charlie): “Because of you, I have you.”

One Fine Day (1996)

When their kids miss out on a school field trip, two single parents, Melanie and Jack, navigate New York City, juggle childcare responsibilities, and attempt to fulfill professional obligations all the while falling for each other. Bonus points for a charming George Clooney and super cute kid with a propensity for lodging stuff in his nose. 

Favorite quote: “I only wanted to warn you that Sammy can get into trouble faster than you can make most women smile.”

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Kathleen struggles to keep her indie bookstore afloat while rival Joe opens a big book chain in her New York neighborhood.  Although they hate each other in person, they “meet” online anonymously and establish a friendship complete with Godfather movie references, a mutual love for the city, and business advice which Kathleen uses against Joe. The fact this one revolves around an indie bookseller makes this story even sweeter.

Favorite quote: “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies.” 

Serendipity (2001)

Jonathan and Sara have a chance meeting/meet cute shopping at Bloomingdales in New York. Despite both being in relationships with other people, their connection and chemistry is palpable. A believer in signs, Sara decides to test fate and see if destiny brings them back together. Some iconic locations are highlighted including the delicious dessert shop Serendipity and the ice rink at Central Park.  

Favorite quote: (Sara): “Favorite New York moment?” (Jonathan): “This one’s climbing the charts.”

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Lucy, a Harvard educated lawyer pursuing social activism takes a job for the head of a large corporation to save her beloved Coney Island community center. When her boss George become increasingly and annoyingly dependent on Lucy, she can no longer cope with his eccentricities and gives her two weeks notice. That is until she realizes how much she has come to depend on him, too.         

Favorite quote: “Before you came into my life I could make all kinds of decisions. Now I can’t. I’m addicted. I have to know what you think.”

13 Going on 30 (2004)

Reeling from humiliation during her birthday party, 13-year-old Jenna makes a wish only to wake up 30 years old and living her best life as a successful fashion magazine editor in New York. Or so she thinks. Grab a pack of Razzles (the candy that turns into gum) and enjoy the fun.

Favorite quote: “We need to remember what used to be good. If we don’t, we won’t recognize it even when it hits us between the eyes.”

Hitch (2005)

Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, aka The Date Doctor, is a fiercely private dating coach for men. Despite having his heart broken years ago, Hitch falls for the nosey gossip columnist Sarah. He attempts to woo her with a series of dates including an ill-fated trip to the Statue of Liberty that had me shaking my head with laughter. But what happens to Hitch personally and professionally when Sarah uncovers his identity?

Favorite quote: (Sarah): “What should we toast to?” (Hitch): “Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

Music and Lyrics (2007)

Living in New York off of residuals from his 80’s pop hit, Alex is hired to write a song for a teen rock star. Struggling to come up with lyrics to match the melody, Alex finds an unexpected writing partner in Sophie, subbing for a friend who waters his plants. Will Alex and Sophie make beautiful music together, in more ways than one? The closing credits, in VHI Pop-Up Video style, are worth a viewing alone. 

Favorite quote: “People wait their whole lives to see an ex when things are going really good. It never happens. You could make relationship history.”

About the Author: 

Lisa Becker is an award-winning romance writer who spends her time like she spends her money – on books and margaritas. Her latest release, The Subway Girl, takes place in New York, as a hopeless romantic searches for a missed connection on the subway. As Lisa’s grandmother used to say, “For every chair, there’s a tush.” Lisa is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach, California with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for anyone!

Connect with Lisa:


Instagram: @lisawbecker



Twitter: @lisawbecker

The Subway Girl by Lisa Becker, out now!

A hopeless romantic. A cynical web show producer. An unscrupulous cameraman. A sleazy businessman. An aspiring actress. A womanizing best friend. A scheming ex-girlfriend. A commitment-phobic roommate. An unlucky-in-love buddy. These lives intersect when an average guy is awed by a gorgeous mystery woman on a New York subway and vows to meet her.


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