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From Beatlemania to Bieber Fever, there’s no shortage of heart-throb musicians who elicit ear-piercing screams and fuel the fantasies of women around the globe. Just last week, fans known as the ARMY camped out in the rain for days to see the South Korean boy band BTS perform in New York’s Central Park.

In 2014, researchers in England conducted a study that identified an increased attraction to men who produce music by women in their most fertile phase of life. Heck, even back in the 1800s, the renowned pianist Franz Liszt was a rockstar. It’s rumored that women fought over his discarded handkerchiefs and cigar butts, and even siphoned water droplets from his used washbasin as souvenirs.  

With that history and science in mind, it’s no surprise that rockstar romances are a subgenre experiencing great popularity in the contemporary literary romance space. In the past few months, authors have released a range of books that showcase romantic rock ‘n’ roll relationships in various forms.

What about falling for a rockstar creates such compelling fiction? What inspires writers to explore the music scene? Why do readers gravitate toward stories of band life?

For some, there is magnetism to the level of talent that fills stadiums and propels records to platinum status. Rockstars are sometimes treated like deities, a heightened regard which creates dramatic literary opportunities such as heart-wrenching falls from grace or the explosive deflation of egos. It also helps to set up beloved tropes like “the bad boy” or “opposites attract.”

For other authors and readers, the fame or money associated with the rockstar lifestyle holds great appeal, transporting you into a glamorous environment with few limits. Think private jets, champagne-filled hot tubs and unchecked partying. Indulging in the “lap of luxury” fantasy makes the “billionaire” character type so popular.

And in some instances, writers, readers and characters feel a connection to a musician simply because they feel a connection to the music – music which has the power to excite, bond, inspire and heal. That could explain why so many romance novels about musicians contain song lyrics.

As for me, my motivation in writing the rockstar romance Starfish is rooted in personal experience, going back to 2001 when I was an enthusiastic public relations professional. I represented a major video game developer that was set to launch a new skateboarding title. In that campaign, I was assigned to oversee an event with MTV, a slew of professional athletes, and one hot contemporary rock band. 

I wish I could say I lived the Starfish story – that a handsome and talented rockstar saw me from across a crowded VIP tent and the rest was the stuff of romantic fairy tales. The reality is that I was completely ignored, pretty much invisible to the famous celebrities in that realm. 

However, when brainstorming ideas for my next book (many of which are inspired by my real-life experiences), I thought back to that event and wondered, “what if…” and that’s what I channeled into Starfish. (I should note that I’m happily married to a wonderful man who works hard in a traditional job so I have the freedom to play with my imaginary fictional friends all day. Thanks, babe!)

With Starfish, instead of playing upon the perceived lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, I wrote Brad as a reluctant musician who would rather be coding computer games than penning Grammy-nominated songs. Similarly, Marin isn’t a groupie looking to score with a star. She’s an ambitious and hard-working public relations professional assigned to go on tour with the band. Neither of them expected a once-in-a-lifetime connection that couldn’t be denied. 

Set against the backdrop of a whirlwind concert tour complete with practical joking bandmates and a greedy manager, Starfish is a steamy, slow burn, friends-to-lovers romance. If that’s not your jam, don’t fret. (Gold star for those of you who get the musical pun).  Just like with music, there are a lot of options to match any taste. Here’s a list of recent rock ‘n’ roll releases to check out. (Beware: spoilers below!)

Rockstar by Lauren Rowe

If you’re looking for a rockstar alpha male who meets his match, look no further than Rockstar. Dax is a soulful songwriter with strong family ties and a rising talent. His first meeting with the enigmatic Violet is electric. The two share a scorching night but part ways. Their journey to finding themselves as individuals and building a life together is filled with angst, humor and heat. In addition to the love story between Dax and Violet, Rowe wrote original songs for the book and produced music videos with the band 22 Goats, which are available online.

Baking with a Rockstar by Jasmin Miller

Miller has written a sweet romance between single mom Charlie looking for a fresh start and rockstar Hudson seeking inspiration for his next big hit. The two have a meet cute courtesy of Hudson’s meddling grandmother. Over time, a lot of baked goods and snuggles from Charlie’s daughter Mira, the two of them heal their broken hearts, reach professional goals and fall in love.

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Reid explores the rockstar relationship in an unconventional way. On one hand, we have the marital relationship between Billy and Camila, who first meet when Billy is an up and coming musician. Camila is attracted to his talent and charisma. Despite his drug problems, she’s committed to him and their growing family. Their relationship is further complicated by Daisy Jones, the charismatic, hard partying singer brought it to partner with the band. Daisy and Billy’s initial hostility toward one another fuels their creativity, propels the band to 70’s stardom and sparks forbidden feels they try to resist. 

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About the Author:

Lisa Becker is an award-winning romance writer who spends her time like she spends her money – on books and margaritas. As Lisa’s grandmother used to say, “For every chair, there’s a tush.” Lisa is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach, California with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for anyone!

Find Her Here:


Instagram: @lisawbecker



Twitter: @lisawbecker

Starfish by Lisa Becker out now!

Ambitious graduate Marin Collins accepts a four-month internship at a prestigious public relations firm to work on a tech account, but her plans are derailed when she’s assigned to go on the road with touring rock band Kings Quarters, hailed by Rolling Stone as the next big thing. Enter Brad Osterhauser, the reluctant rock star who would rather be coding computer games than penning Grammy-nominated songs. Traveling by bus, city to city with a group of practical joking bandmates and a greedy manager, Marin and Brad forge a friendship and forbidden romance over a shared love of Seinfeld episodes, stolen moments and Red Vines. But when Marin’s accused of betraying her company and the band, will Brad come to her defense or believe she was disloyal to him for the sake of her career? Told in alternating perspectives of Marin and Brad, Starfish is a contemporary romance of unexpected love, the redemptive power of music and hogging the bed


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