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Fabulous contemporary romance picks, coming at ya!

Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

At thirty-three-years old Evangeline Starling’s life in Chicago is missing that special something. And when she’s passed over for promotion at work, Evie realizes she needs to make a change. Some time away to regain perspective might be just the thing. In a burst of impulsivity, she plans a holiday in a quaint English village. The holiday package comes with a temporary position at Much Ado About Books, the bookstore located beneath her rental apartment. There’s no better dream vacation for the bookish Evie, a life-long Shakespeare lover.

Not only is Evie swept up in running the delightful store as soon as she arrives, she’s drawn into the lives, loves and drama of the friendly villagers. Including Roane Robson, the charismatic and sexy farmer who tempts Evie every day with his friendly flirtations. Evie is determined to keep him at bay because a holiday romance can only end in heartbreak, right? But Evie can’t deny their connection and longs to trust in her handsome farmer that their whirlwind romance could turn in to the forever kind of love.

This book is everything your weary soul needs, the cuteness factor was on overload here! Evie has finally had enough of being overlooked and she’s ready to take control. My favorite scene is when she wholeheartedly takes her life back and does whatever SHE wants. That means she’s moving to Scotland to manage a small village’s bookstore and the eccentric characters we meet are so delightful. This is a slow burn, not only with the main romance but, with the people as well. As Evie slowly manages to befriend all the people in the village, there’s one that is definitely trying to make sure he’s out of the friendzone. It’s a story that warms your soul and is a perfect Valentine’s day read. I’m really hoping there’s a character here that gets her own book! 

Only One Touch by Natasha Madison


When I inherited the Dallas Oilers from my father , I became one of the youngest owners in hockey history. Even though the team was at the bottom of the hockey standings,

I had big plans to change that and bring the Cup to Dallas.

Falling in love was something I never believed would happen to me.

You’d think I was getting everything I ever wanted with the girl and the winning record, but I still have a promise to fulfill to my childhood best friend.


Never let them see you sweat has been my life motto since I decided to make a name for myself as the most-sought-after sport agent.

I know what it takes to close a deal, and only want one thing—to be the best.

Until I felt his touch one night, and everything I thought I knew was forgotten. Nico is everything I’ve never let myself want.

But all my cards came crashing down the minute I read the headlines.

It takes only one touch to change everything!

Nico’s story has been one I’ve really been looking forward to as he’s the youngest owner in the hockey franchise’s history. He was highly sought after by me and the ladies in the series. Becca, our heroine, has also been seen throughout the series as the player’s number one supporter and the best sports agent in the biz. Mesh these two egos together and surprisingly you get a pretty good mix. I loved that Becca was a very strong heroine that knew what she wanted but still kept her grace in even the most impossible situations — like finding out your secret boyfriend got married. How they resolve this, you’ll have to read! This roller coaster romance takes us from Dallas to New York to sandy beaches and is the perfect Valentines escape.

The Bluff by Willa Nash

As Calamity’s newest resident, Everly Christian thought life in small-town Montana would be dull and tame—and she needs a little mundane after the last few chaotic years. But one night, boredom drives her to the local bar, where she finds herself sitting beside a handsome and mysterious artist. 

The man is anything but dull and tame, especially in the bedroom, and when she steps out of his shower and overhears his conversation, life gets interesting again.

Reese Huxley needs a wife.

And why shouldn’t Everly be the bride?

She’s got her reasons for agreeing to the hasty nuptials—reasons she’s keeping to herself. As long as she can stop herself from falling in love with her husband, she’ll make it out of this sham marriage in one piece. But Everly has a weakness for wayward men, and the more Hux pushes her away, the more she realizes this bluff is anything but a lie.

This hero is the perfect example of Devney’s writing. He was the stoic, recluse of the small town of Calamity, Montana. This was a direct opposite of the first book in the series and while I think you can read this as a standalone, I definitely think you need to go back and read the first.  Everly came to Calamity looking for a fresh start and unknowingly let some old demons too close. As we navigate the after, we realize that it’s ok to sometimes not be ok. Everly’s journey to a HEA is not easy but it is definitely rewarded. PLEASE read if you love a single dad, introverted hero with a fake marriage troupe to boot. 

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas 

Catalina Martín, finally, not single. Her family is happy to announce that she will bring her American boyfriend to her sister’s wedding. Everyone is invited to come and witness the most magical event of the year.

That would certainly be tomorrow’s headline in the local newspaper of the small Spanish town I came from. Or the epitaph on my tombstone, seeing the turn my life had taken in the span of a phone call.

Four weeks wasn’t a lot of time to find someone willing to cross the Atlantic–from NYC and all the way to Spain–for a wedding. Let alone, someone eager to play along my charade. But that didn’t mean I was desperate enough to bring the 6’4 blue eyed pain in my ass standing before me.

Aaron Blackford. The man whose main occupation was making my blood boil had just offered himself to be my date. Right after inserting his nose in my business, calling me delusional, and calling himself my best option. See? Outrageous. Aggravating. Blood boiling. And much to my total despair, also right. Which left me with a surly and extra large dilemma in my hands. Was it worth the suffering to bring my colleague and bane of my existence as my fake boyfriend to my sister’s wedding? Or was I better off coming clean and facing the consequences of my panic induced lie?

Like my abuela would say, que dios nos pille confesados.

Since traveling isn’t really an option right now, this book is the best way to transport ourselves to Spain! Catalina made her way to NYC from her small town in Spain and must bring back her amazing new American boyfriend to her sister’s wedding. Not wanting to face her family without one, Catalina makes a deal with her enemy, her co worker Aaron. What ensues is some hi jinx at a long distance wedding and slow burn of a romance. 

What are you reading this month?

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