Celebrating the Book Covers as Outfits Trend!


I’ve been in a reading slump lately, and I know many can relate. But one thing that hasn’t changed is my unadulterated lusting at gorgeous book covers. Mass market, trade paperback, leather-bound, hard cover… I LOVE THEM ALL. Books not only hold amazing art within their pages, but the covers are always their own little masterpiece. 

So, when I saw the growing Twitter trend of book covers as outfits, it was nothing but heart eyes and grabby hands from me. I even decided to put on a bra for the first time in 26 days and hop on the bandwagon with my own attempts (and lemme tell ya, I think my boyfriend snapped a neck muscle with the double take he gave me for wearing something other than a ratty t-shirt and sweatpants for the first time in a month… who says romance is dead?)

I’ve rounded up some of the fabulous creations across Twitter for your enjoyment:

@covisnky is delivering an aesthetic that could make angels cry. 

@littlebihren is serving up some lewks here and I also officially have hair envy.

@painxlope brought it with the YA covers, and the perfect color matching really lights up the happy portions of my brain. 

@Alicienthestar1 is officially my new fashion goals because all of these outfits SLAP.

Bonus points to @_sixofcrows for mixing things up and giving us three stellar looks for one book. We stan a queen that keeps a trend spicy. 

All of @candied_crows’ outfits were spot on, but that Ninth House draped jacket look absolutely sent my soul to a new cosmic plane. 

I decided to go for a historical romance theme and someone could really easily blackmail me with the 4,000 outtake photos that DID NOT make the cut… Tyra was rooting for me though.

@SaraNataliaRea really upped the ante by even recreating some of the cover poses! 

@BooksNest is giving me LIFE with these warm orangey tones.

@XOScarletMarie is out here delivering a level of perfection none of us deserve. 

@boyegasjohns pairings forced a single tear to fall from my eye at their beauty (and can I steal that Wilder Girls top tho 👀)

@thebookvoyagers coming in clutch with contemporary romance covers!

I’m officially obsessed with this darker palette from @czrnys 

@EmeryLeeWho’s color coordination is EVERYTHING. And those accessories? We stan. 

And how perfect is @merylwilsner’s match to their own upcoming release??

I encourage all of you to dive right into this trend. It was fun, awkward, and a great distraction you can do from the comfort of your closet. Make sure to tag us in whatever you come up with!


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