Christmas Book Wish List: Cowboy Style!

Christmas Book Wish List: Cowboy Style!

I know romance readers love a cowboy book. Cowboy-centric books have forever been a massive draw for lovers of romance on the open range. I must admit, however, I was not prepared for the multitude of cowboy options when it came to Christmas books. Narrowing the field down to a manageable number was a tricky task, and I’m sure I’m leaving some good ones off my Wish List. To make up for any errant misses, I did find one that has our hero pulling double duty as a cowboy AND a firefighter. That’s a unicorn sighting in my book!

Tangled Up in Christmas by Lisa Renee Jones

Hannah is a small-town girl from Sweetwater, Texas. She and Roarke were a couple back in the day. All was lovely until something sent Hannah running from her small town and, more importantly, from the man that broke her heart. Years pass, and Hannah finds herself back home, starting a new career path. She can deny it all she wants, but she never filled the Roarke sized hole in her heart with another man. Roarke is now a big-time horse whisperer who, on the surface, seems to be living a charmed life. Too bad he’s never been able to get over his one true love either.

Tangled Up in Christmas is a second chance romance. Hannah is older and wiser now, she’s able to listen to reason and speak up for herself instead of running. Roarke has been given a second chance, and he is not letting the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers again. While planning the town’s holiday festivities, Hannah slowly discovers the details surrounding the incident that sent her running six years ago. Lisa Renee Jones is always good for sorting out clues, especially ones that lead to true love with a dash of Christmas angst.

“We are anything but done,” he says, and then his mouth is on my mouth, his tongue licking past my teeth, caressing deep.

I moan with the taste of him, wicked and wrong and yet oh so right. I want this. I want him, but this has to be on my terms. I shove on his chest, tearing my mouth from his. “This means nothing. You aren’t forgiven. We aren’t us again. We aren’t—”

“We never stopped being us, Hannah. If that’s not obvious to you, it is to me. I’ll show you.”

“Don’t show me. Just—just kiss me.”

“I don’t need to be told twice. Not where you’re concerned.” And then he’s kissing me again and I don’t stop him this time because if I do, I’ll think too hard, and that’s not an option. I don’t want to think. I don’t want to talk. I just want to feel this man close, one last time. That’s all.




A proper goodbye.

The one I never had.

The one we never had.

Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya Lane

Billionaire, cowboy, family reconciliation, a second chance romance set at Christmas time is reading crack for all! Cody and Lexi had a thing in high school, but Cody, from a prominent family, up and left town at 18 and never looked back. Lexi was left dumbstruck by his departure and, more importantly, lack of explanation.

Years later, Cody’s larger than life Dad is on his last Christmas. He wants his whole family by his side for one last holiday season. Begrudgingly, Cody decides a quick trip to what used to be his home is what he needs to say goodbye to his Dad. An exceptional roller coaster of emotions was not in his plan. This time, Cody is as blindsided by his feelings as Lexi was all those years ago.

So, what’s the kicker for this book? Well, cocky Cody seems to genuinely have no recollection of how his leaving could’ve hurt Lexi, none – he accepts zero responsibility for her pain. We should not be down with that, should we? Well, keep reading. Layers get peeled back, and truths get told. The tear-jerking moments are just for shock and awe, there’s a real purpose behind the feels Lane puts us through. Oh, and another selling point, Lexi’s brutally honest young son Harry, he’s a real scene-stealer!

Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss by Kim Redford

I mean, come on, the title alone had me at hello! Look at that cover, it has everything! Our hero’s name is Slade Steele, and our heroine, Ivy, runs a small town honkytonk. That is Christmas crack in written word format!

Slade has an idea to help Ivy save her honkytonk. This book is replete with a legendary love story, arsonist cattle rustlers, a runaway bull, and a kick-ass chili recipe, all wrapped up with a tidy Christmas bow. It’s the fifth book in a series but can be read as standalone, so don’t delay!

Cowboy Under the Mistletoe by Jessica Clare

Former Navy master-at-arms and current down on his luck good guy Jason Clements takes a job as a ranch hand in small-town Painted Barrel. On paper, it sounds like a great job, being a cowboy at a working ranch in Wyoming. In reality, Jason has never actually saddled a horse, so he’s starting off a wee bit behind.

Sage Cooper is the town’s busy body, and she’s run out of options and cares when it comes to her small town. She feels it’s time for her to pack up her vast closet filled with ugly Christmas sweaters and move on and see what else the world has to offer.

Sage and Jason cross paths when he seeks her out for riding/cowboy instruction! Maybe, just maybe Sage has found a tall, dark, and sexy reason to stay in town. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to shine a little light in both of their very deserving lives. Clare’s magical way with storytelling will pull you right in and warm your heart, and steam up your e-reader a little, too!

Cowboy Christmas Redemption by Maisey Yates

I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention Maisey Yates’ Christmas cowboy offering. Cowboys are 100% Maisey Yates’ thing, and this one is no exception. This is the eighth book in her Gold Valley series, and it wouldn’t hurt to read the one prior, but you can absolutely jump in here if you need to read it as a standalone. This is one of my favorite tropes, dead best friend’s wife – I love it because it’s so tricky to write! Toss in a cute little girl for this widowed mom to raise the emotional value of the book kicks into high gear!

Cowboy Caleb has known and loved Ellie and her little daughter Amelia for years, but out of respect for his best friend, he’s been there for them but never crossed the line. For five long years, Caleb has done the right thing for everyone except his own heart. Then he learns Ellie’s Christmas wish is to get a kiss under the mistletoe. Well, challenge accepted friends, the only person kissing Ellie is going to be Caleb! Watching the story unfold, and seeing Caleb and Ellie, and even Amelia find their happily ever after is par for the Christmas cowboy style of Maisey Yates.

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