Christmas & Hanukkah Romance Recommendations to Jump Start Your Holidays!

Christmas Romance Recommendations to Jump Start Your Holidays!

If you’re a holiday romance lover like me, this is seriously the most wonderful time of the year! The new holiday romance releases just keep on coming and I just keep on hauling, or one clicking with my local library. Holiday romances have such a cozy way of reminding you to slow down a bit, reflect on what’s important and be present in the moment with your loved ones. My to be read cart from Michael’s is overflowing with them right now, and I wanted to share a few with you that you may or may not have heard of, but I think should be on your radar. Treat yourself girlfriend!

Holiday By Candlelight by Laurel Greer

Who: Holiday by Candlelight is the romance by Dr. Caleb Matsuda and his new colleague Garnet James.

What: Caleb sounds like a bit of a scrooge after an avalanche accident has robbed him of his ability to continue practicing surgery. Bummer, right? After the accident, Caleb has struggled to make it through each day but finds himself becoming intrigued by his new colleague, Garnet. Issue? Garnet is a volunteer for a local search and rescue team leaving Caleb feeling like she’d be perfect for the man he used to be.

Why I’m excited for it: Bit of a confession here, Holiday by Candlelight will be my first ever Hanukkah romance and I’m always excited for something new and different in romance. If you’re looking for a quick read, this Harlequin Special Edition romance is only 219 pages with a gorgeous Asian hero on the cover that I am totally living for! *yes to more men of color gracing the covers of romance novels*

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Miranda Liasson

Who: All I Want For Christmas Is You is the fake engagement romance between Kaitlyn Barnes and Rafe Langdon.

What: This is on the back of the book, so no spoilers: Kaitlyn was vowing to get over Rafe! She’d had a crush on him for a very long time. Well, as one tends to do in the process of getting over a crush…she enjoys a sizzling night with him! This sizzling night however, leads to Kaitlyn getting pregnant and the two having to pretend through the holidays that they’re engaged!

Why I’m excited for it: I am a true sucker for a hero who is secretly, totally crazy about the heroine and that’s the vibes I get with Rafe. It sounds like he suffered a tragic loss and swore he’d never give his heart away again and then he began falling for Kaitlyn. This one has emotional and sweet written all over it.

The Clause in Christmas by Rachael Bloome

Who: The Clause in Christmas is the romance between Cassie Hayward and Luke Davis

What: Our scrooge in this one is actually the heroine, Cassie! She hates Christmas, especially this year when she is jobless and has no money. Enter in Christmas Miracle: she unexpectedly inherits a Victorian cottage in the small town of Poppy Creek. Obviously, there is a slight catch! There is a clause in the will that states Cassie must complete a series of festive tasks everyday leading up to Christmas and they have to be overseen by the very handsome town lawyer, Luke Davis.

Why I’m excited for it: I seriously can’t get enough of romances where our heroine inherits something! No matter the spin, bed and breakfast, bookstore, café, I’ll never get tired of it! To me it symbolizes someone offering you a window of opportunity and I can’t wait to see what Cassie does with hers.

An Heirloom Christmas by Megan Squires

Who: An Heirloom Christmas is the second chance romance between high school sweethearts Chrissy and Nick.

What: Chrissy Davenport owns a candle shop in the small town of Heirloom Point. It’s the midst of Christmas season and she’s recently won a lackluster wreath which she hangs on her shop’s front door. Soon after, notes begin appearing, tucked into the sprigs of greenery with messages that bring back memories she’s tried hard to forget. Hockey superstar Nick McHenry is back in Heirloom Point after a career ending injury and directly across the street from his parents hardware store is Cassie, his high school sweethearts store. These two being back in the same small-town start bringing back memories that they have to decide if they’d be better off leaving in the past.

Why I’m excited for it: The combination of small-town, Christmas and romance is one I will never stop wanting to read. Add in a little dash of second chance romance in there, and I am thriving!

Christmas In Vermont by Anita Hughes

Who: Emma and I honestly have no clue!

What: It’s two days before Christmas and Emma can’t believe her luck! She actually managed to track down a jewelry store in Manhattan that’s open, to sell the beautiful bracelet her ex-boyfriend gave her. It’s while in the store, that Emma recognizes the watch that she gave her college boyfriend, Fletcher years ago. Emma trades the bracelet for the watch in wonder at the timing. Emma’s friend, Brownwyn believes in synchronicity and tracks down Fletcher at a romantic Vermont Inn. Brownwyn signs Emma up to assist the innkeeper as the children’s activity coordinator and off she goes!

Why I’m Excited for it: I absolutely have to know how things unravel when Emma and Fletcher’s paths cross, because he is not there by himself. This sounds like it’s going to be a total mess, but from photos I’ve seen, Vermont is absolutely beautiful during the holiday season! I can’t wait to see how Anita Hughes crafts this story and transports me to such a beautiful location.

Oh Christmas Night by Jane Porter

Who: Oh Christmas Night follows overworked California accountant Rachel Mills and Texas lawyer/entrepreneur, Atticus Bowen.

What: As Rachel finds herself passed over for a promotion, she inherits a bookstore in Marietta, Montana. Rather than go with her first instinct, to keep working hard, she sides with impulsive and books a flight to Montana. Atticus wants to open a restaurant and has found the perfect spot; the two story turn of the century brick building on Marietta’s Main Street. All he has to do is convince the new owner to sell the building to him.

Why I’m Excited for it: Again, I am such a fan of stories where our heroine inherits something, and when I read that our heroine inherits a BOOKSTORE in this one, I became super excited! Isn’t owning a bookstore every book lovers dream? Mix in that Atticus wants to open a restaurant, and although I know this is going to cause some conflict, the foodie in me can’t help but be excited too. I have to see where this goes.

December 25th is just around the corner but in my mind, we still have so many days left before it gets here! Plenty of time to squeeze in plenty of holiday romance reading. I hope you’ve found something on this list that you may not have heard of that sounds interesting to you and are able to check it out! If you do, definitely let me know what your thoughts are.

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