Colleen Hoover’s Interview With Summer Webb Will Have You Cry Laughing


Hey guys! It’s me, Summer, and a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Colleen Hoover. We had initially filmed the interview but unfortunately the sound ended up being incredibly muffled by a box fan that was in the room, so we couldn’t use the video. BUT NEVER FEAR, I have laboriously transcribed the entire interview for you! Check it out below.

In case you’ve been living under a rock; Colleen is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and owner of The Bookworm Box, a nonprofit bookstore and subscription box that has raised over one million dollars for charity. Colleen also just released her latest novel, All Your Perfects, and it is SAD. So sad.

S: Colleen, I think I cried more while reading this book than I did with any of your other books! I don’t plan on having children, but this was still incredibly hard for me to read.

C: I like that, though! I like that it made you cry even though you can’t necessarily relate to the story. That means you’re a good human.

S: All Your Perfects deals with a very sensitive subject matter, what made you want to tell this particular story?

C: I think the whole idea started with the box. My sister had a similar box at her wedding, and I got the idea from that and then the characters and the story sort of came through with the writing process. I didn’t set out to make it that heavy or deal with this subject matter, but that’s what happened.

S: Well, whatever magic you worked in your writing process definitely worked, because this book is amazing. I think my favorite thing about AYP was that it felt completely real. This couple is going through a rough patch, but they’re still very much in love. The “before” parts of the book were probably my favorite. Were any of these moments inspired by your relationship?

C: LOL, no, none of the romance in my books is inspired by Heath. Heath is not very romantic. Neither am I. We just aren’t a very romantic couple. If he did anything that any of the guys did in my books, I would laugh at him.

S: Hahaha! Speaking of your books, I heard that you’re writing a YA romance called Heart Bones… can you tell us a little about that?

C: It’s not written yet. I haven’t really written much this year. I don’t even have the character names yet. I do have the outline, though!

S: I think “Summer” would make a great character name *winks aggressively.* But, anyway, you’ve been touring for AYP for what seems like forever, what’s been your favorite part of the tour so far?

C: Oh gosh, that’s tough. We have had some really great stops on the West Coast. Just some really great bookstores. I absolutely loved San Francisco. The weather! It was like 70 degrees all the time. I had been there once before, but I don’t remember the weather being that awesome.

S: Oh I just got back from California. I was in San Diego, and it was incredible.

C: San Diego and San Francisco are awesome. I’m not a huge fan of Los Angeles, but they’re one of my favorite crowds, and I have a lot of friends there, so I love visiting.

S: Okay, so now that we’ve talked a little about your tour, I opened up my inbox to my followers and asked them to send over questions that they wanted to ask you… And… Well… it got pretty weird, pretty quickly. Some of them aren’t even questions, and they’re all kind of shouty, but they’re super fun!

C: Okay, I’m ready!

Lightning round:

Do you wad or fold your toilet paper?

C: Uhmm… both? I kind of crumple it up and then fold it? I will go ahead and pull a bunch of toilet paper off and have it ready to go. That’s also when I do most of my social media… Just so you know.

Will you adopt me? (Three people asked this)

C: Probably only one of them. That’s a lot of people, but if they’re good at cooking, I’ll adopt anyone. My husband and I cannot cook. At all.

How do you master the Coho death stare?

C: It’s just my face. I think it started because I would think I was smiling, but people would think I was looking at them very angrily. I had to explain that this is just how I look. It takes way more effort for me to smile.

Last 5-star book you read?

C: The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker.

When will you read Harry Potter? People are really upset that you haven’t read HP.

C: Do they want me to read Harry Potter or write books?! Harry Potter is a big commitment. It’s taken me four years to get to page 27. No, seriously, because when I start a book, I want to finish it that day, and that one is SO many books. I don’t usually read series, I usually read standalones, so I am really going to have to carve out some time.

S: Pause for a sec, so you said you don’t really read series, but you have done a few companion novels, have you ever thought of doing a series?

C: I do have some ideas for a series that I want to write, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. Probably never.

Coke is better than Pepsi, don’t fight me on this.

C: *Blank stare*

Which kid is your favorite today?

C: *looks at Levi* Levi of course. (Because he can hear me.)

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! I always have so much fun when I get to talk with you. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

C: Sure! Pepsi is better than coke *side eye*

Colleen is such a gem, and if you would like to purchase All Your Perfects, I will leave links to buy it below!



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