Contemporarily Ever After: Top Picks for the Week of April 7th


Get ready to feel everything this week with these new releases!

❤ Indicates the books that I have read and recommend.

Repeat by Kylie Scott (April 7) 

Kylie Scott’s Repeat takes the second-chance romance trope and gives it a fascinating and refreshing twist while also adding a dash of intrigue and suspense, and it held me captivated from the moment that I started reading it. After being brutally assaulted, Clementine has traumatic retrograde amnesia, which means she doesn’t have any memories of previous events or people, including her ex-boyfriend Ed. As she struggles to get to understand who she is, she keeps coming back to Ed. Although it’s painful for him, he helps her to piece together their past relationship, and they get to know each other again. Well, they’re starting over as Clementine is a different person in many ways. It’s romantic to see them fall in love again, because she might not remember him but her heart does. But the mystery of who attacked Clementine hasn’t been solved and begins to threaten her safety. Repeat is a sexy, touching and genuinely unique romance that truly stands out.

Eleanor & Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry (April 7)


Brittainy C. Cherry is known for her beautiful, emotional romances, and I’ve heard Eleanor & Grey will squeeze your heart to almost the breaking point. Eleanor and Grey were good friends when they were young, but life took them in different directions and both experience heartbreaking loss. When they come together fifteen years later, they’re both changed, especially Grey, but their powerful connection is still there. I have no doubt that Eleanor & Grey will be an epic, unforgettable and timeless love story.

Nobody Does It Better by Lauren Blakely (April 8)


In this novella by the incomparable Lauren Blakely, a man can no longer resist the temptation of his sister’s best friend when they’re trapped in a cabin during a snow story. Nobody Does It Better sounds like the perfect feel-good romance.

Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando (April 8)


The tenth, stand-alone book in Chantal Fernando’s Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, looks like it will be a sexy, romantic and thrilling story. The daughter of the former president of a motorcycle club becomes a cop and falls hard for her partner but soon finds her loyalty tested.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting (April 9) 


Helena Hunting is one of my favorite authors, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting her latest romantic comedy, Meet Cute, which I’ve heard is the perfect blend of lighthearted humor and swoony emotional romance. Former law school friends with a complicated history are brought together years later during tragic circumstances and discover their chemistry has never waned. But in order to consider embarking on a relationship, they have to deal with their past while also navigating the complex issues of the present.

Petal Plucker by Iris Morland (April 9)

 This is my first time reading Iris Morland but definitely not my last. Petal Plucker was funny, entertaining, fresh and fan-yourself-worthy. Dandelion and Jacob grew up as frenemies because their families had rival flower shops in close proximity to one another. Their relationship was severely hurt in high school when Jacob broke Dandelion’s heart after standing her up for prom. Nine years later, Jacob has moved back to Seattle from a glamourous, flower-free life in New York in order to take over his parent’s business, and he and Dandelion find themselves back in each other’s orbit and competitors again. They have magnetic chemistry as adults, and she’s ready to talk about their past and pursue a possible future. Jacob is much harder to read, although it’s obvious he wants Dandelion. Their enemies-to-lovers romance is both charming, tender and steamy, and you’ll love both of these characters (and their families!) and their sigh-worthy happily ever after.

Snitches Get Stitches by Lani Lynn Vale (April 9) 


Lani Lynn Vale continues her Bear Bottom Guardians MC series with the eighth, stand-alone book, Snitches Get Stitches. There are quite a few twists to this story, so I can’t even really describe it without spoiling it. I’ll just say that Liner is a swoon-worthy alpha-hero, who falls fast and hard for a woman with a very complex life. They have to work together against outside forces to find their happily ever after, and you won’t be able to guess what happens along the way.

A Single Kiss (Irresistible Attraction #2) by W. Winters (April 9). Not a standalone.


I’ve heard this dark and gritty enemies-to-lovers romance with a Romeo and Juliet vibe is absolutely addicting. A Single Kiss is the second book in Willow Winters’ Irresistible Attraction trilogy.

Crazy for Your Love by Lexi Ryan (April 9)


I love Lexi Ryan’s The Boys of Jackson Harbor series, so it’s no surprise that I devoured the fifth, standalone book, Crazy for Your Love. It’s a friends-to-lovers story that blends humor, romance and heat while also packing an emotional punch. Teagan and Carter’s friendship takes a romantic turn when they share a steamy kiss and agree to fake a relationship – more than once. Carter is ready to pursue more with her, at least sexually, but Teagan has serious reservations. They both have emotional wounds that cause them to keep their guards up, but their solid friendship gives them both the confidence and strength to confront their issues. Crazy for Your Love is a swoon-worthy, sexy romance.

Ache by S.M. Soto (April 9)

 I’ll warn that S.M. Soto’s Ache is not for everyone. It’s a beautiful, timeless romance at its core, but it’s also an unvarnished, gut-wrenching and deeply affecting story of sexual abuse and survival that might be difficult for some readers. I can promise that there is an epic and satisfying happily ever after and that you’ll walk away from Ache feeling both moved and inspired, but it is a brutal, hard-fought happily ever after. Liam and Bea fall for each other when they are young and they embody all the beauty of true love between soulmates, but their innocence and dreams of a future together are cut short, leaving Bea isolated and in a horrendous situation. When Liam enters her life again, his support and love is what Bea needs to tap into her resilience and power in order to escape her nightmare. You’ll cheer for her and be moved by her – she’s a true fighter. Liam and Bea will embed themselves deep into your heart, and you won’t be able to forget their story.

Tempting the Heiress (The Heiress duet #2) by Nana Malone (April 9). Not a standalone.


Tempting the Heiress is the conclusion to The Heiress duet, and I hear it’s suspenseful, action-packed, sexy and seriously romantic. How can it not be when it’s a bodyguard romance and written by Nana Malone?

Before We Fell by Stacey Lynn (April 9)

 Before We Fell is the fourth, standalone book in Stacey Lynn’s Love in the Heartland series, and it’s an unpredictable and moving story of loss, healing and love. Noah becomes the guardian to his young niece when his sister and brother-in-law are murdered and she witnesses it. He moves back to his small hometown and is struggling to deal with the tragedy and the pressure of being a parent to a girl who has experienced the unthinkable. He immediately clashes with his neighbor and niece’s new teacher, but he soon realizes that she’s trying to help them both. They’re brought together by a common goal and realize they’re deeply attracted to each other, but their journey is not a straightforward or an easy one. There are secrets and revelations that test them both and their developing feelings for one another. You won’t want to put Before We Fell down, and you’ll be thinking about it long after reading it.

Forgiven by Carrie Aarons (April 11)

After I read the first book in Carrie Aarons’ The Nash Brothers series, Fleeting, I was hooked on these brothers and their small-town love stories, and I couldn’t wait for Bowen’s story in Forgiven. He and his high school girlfriend, Lily, saw their lives and their relationship irrevocably changed when they had a horrific car accident in high school. Bowen pulled away from Lily without explanation and for the last ten years he’s never allowed himself to connect with her again. He’s kept his distance and appears to dislike her. When his brother and her best friend are getting married, they can no longer avoid each other and have to excavate the past and admit that their feelings have never faded. But Bowen has secrets and lies that could threaten any chance for them to heal their rift and build a future together. This sweet and sexy romance will have you simultaneously smiling, laughing, sighing, fanning yourself and even crying. It delivers all the feels.

My Life in Shambles by Karina Halle (April 11)


Karina Halle has a new book. When I say this, it’s code for clear your schedule and forget your responsibilities because you need read this book right now. In My Life in Shambles, a woman finds herself in a fake relationship with a hot, rugby-playing Irishman, but their charade turns out to be anything but simple and easy when secrets are revealed and feelings come into play.

Praying for Rain (Praying for Rain trilogy #1) by B.B. Easton (April 11). Not a standalone.

I loved every page of Praying for Rain. It’s a gritty dystopian romance that is utterly original, funny, emotional, surprising, sexy, sweet and engrossing – all the things! Rain and Wes meet three days before the apocalypse as the world is in chaos waiting for the end to arrive. Rain is barely fighting and somewhat resigned to her fate while Wes is determined to survive. Fate has pushed them together, and although Wes resists getting involved with her, they form a tenuous partnership. In their own unique ways, they begin to provide hope to each other to dream of more, and they rapidly develop real feelings for each other. You’ll be on the edge of your seat furiously turning the pages and cheering for these two while reading, and I am already counting down the days for the second book, Fighting for Rain.

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