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[Note from Frolic: We are so beyond excited to have Edith creator Jewel guest post on the site today. If you haven’t read Edith yet….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!]

I never had a live-action image in my mind for Edith. I’m rather unfamiliar with most actor/ actresses. Despite this, I was able to pick a few that resemble the characters who I believe could play the role. I also had a helping hand with my fans online for this fun casting. Thanks guys!

Here’s my dream cast for Edith!

Edith: Amanda Seyfried, Lauren Tsai, or Elle Fanning

I’d like to cast someone who can play a confident baddie, but also an insecure and inexperienced girl at the same time haha. They have to blend naturally; convincingly. And these actors have a gentle/ youthful expression that could mirror that. 

However, I do think Lauren’s a tough cast. She’s got the look, but I don’t know if her personality would mesh well with Edith’s. I included her only because I think it’d be interesting and entertaining to see how she’d approach the role.  

Edith: Phillip
Phillip: Lucky Blue Smith, Jin Akanishi, or Brenton Thwaites

Lucky Blue Smith IS Phillip Baker. I based the character off of his appearance and a bit of his demeanor; although Phillip’s personality is completely fiction. Since he’s primarily a model but an actor as well, he’s perfect for the role. 

Jin is also a great choice for Phillip. From the dramas I’ve seen him in, he can play cocky, F-boy characters authentically. Brenton Thwaites was suggested from a fan on twitter and I can most certainly see it. Plus, eyebrow game’s strong with these guys.

Edith: Jack
Jack: Eddie Redmayne

I also got some good suggestions for Jack, but Eddie Redmayne simply radiates positive energy and softness in his smile. That’ll do it for me. 

Edith: Jessica
Jessica: Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone 

Stronger actors for Jessy. She’s practically the mother figure in Edith’s life, so I think Jennifer and Emma could play her grounded character well.

Edith: Magnolia
Mags/Magnolia: Anne Hathaway

I mean, LOOK AT THESE TWO. I could see an energetic, bubbly Mags in Anne already.

Edith: Kris
Kris: Masataka Kubota

Serious, charming, and hard working. Masataka would work nicely as Kris. 

FYI, This isn’t my definite vision of the characters. Merely a brainstorm.

Thanks for reading!

About the Author:

Jewel/Swansgarden is an illustrator, comic artist, and fashion enthusiast. She loves drawing pretty boys and bothering her cats.


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