Delightful History with Eloisa James: Frost Fairs, Gingerbread, Ice Skating and Mulled Wine

Delightful History with Eloisa James

[Note from Frolic: We are so excited to bring you this short video from Eloisa James! First, a note from Eloisa.]

Is historical romance your go-to escape? Did you ever wonder if life back when was actually so much fun? Balls, parties… and frost fairs? Eloisa explains—with pictures—just what a Frost Fair on the Thames was, and why we all wish it would happen now. (Bonus: Youtube’s “Frost Fair & Doctor Who” for a modern interpretation!)

About the Author:

Eloisa James, who has been called “a reigning queen of romance” by CBS Sunday Morning, is one of the genres most beloved and acclaimed authors. Readers find her novels to be decadent pleasures – in fact, a reviewer from USA Today once divulged that she “found herself devouring” one of Eloisa’s books “like a dieter with a Hershey bar.”

Eloisa is the mother of two children and, in a twist that could be pulled straight from the pages of a popular romance, her husband is a genuine Italian knight!

The author is also a Shakespeare professor at Fordham University.  With degrees from Harvard, Oxford (M.Phil.) and Yale (Ph.D.), she’s an acknowledged expert on almost every era of literature, from the Elizabethan Era to modern pop culture reads. In that capacity, she speaks to a wide variety of audiences, whether it be in front of a classroom, to media, to academics as part of the plenary panel at the Shakespeare Association of America conference, or to fellow authors, booksellers, librarians and readers as the keynote address at the Romance Writers of America convention.

She has also published a bestselling memoir about the year her family lived in France, entitled Paris in Love, which garnered extensive critical acclaim. The Chicago Tribune hailed the book for having “a dry sense of wit” and “elegant sense of style.” Her academic work is published by Oxford University Press.

My Last Duchess by Eloisa James, out now!

New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James returns to the Wildes series with a prequel about the Wilde children’s parents, Hugo, Duke of Lindow, and Ophelia, Lady Astley.

Every Duke needs a Duchess…

Hugo Wilde, the Duke of Lindow, has a drafty castle, eight naughty children—and no wife. Ophelia, Lady Astley, has a fine house, one well-behaved daughter—and no husband. 

Hugo takes one look at Ophelia and loses his heart, but she doesn’t want more children or a castle. She takes one look at him and heads for her carriage. 

Desperate to find a duchess, Hugo identifies an appropriate lady to woo. Yet when he meets Ophelia again, the duke realizes that he will marry her, or no one. 

Now he faces the greatest challenge of his life.

He must convince Ophelia that their blazing sensuality, his exquisite castle, and his eight charming children add up to a match made in heaven. 

When a duke finds his duchess, can he win her heart?

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