#DisneyBound Or Not, How To Dress Like a Princess This Summer

#DisneyBound Or Not, How To Dress Like A Princess This Summer

By Jennifer Posh

Disney policy doesn’t allow adults to wear costumes in the theme parks, but devoted fans have found their own way of showing off their fandom. “Disneybounding” is the practice of creating a streetwear outfit inspired by Disney, using colors, themed accessories, and more to call back to your favorite Disney character. And it’s not just for characters! Some serious Disneybounders have outfits inspired by rides, attractions, parades, and more... but, hey, who doesn’t want to be a princess? So today we have three princess-inspired summer outfits. Whether you’re heading to one of the parks or just looking for everyday style inspiration, these princess Disneybounds are perfect for adding a little extra magic to your summer.

Snow White

The OG princess is instantly recognizable by her striking primary color scheme, so it was crucial to get red, yellow, and blue playing nicely together in this outfit. Since she dates all the way back to 1938, I wanted to bring in a little bit of retro flair to the look with a peasant-style blouse, wide-legged pants, and a cute Rosie the Riveter-esque headscarf. Since the rest of the outfit has so many bright colors, I selected some simple, feminine white flats. The faded floral print calls to mind the woodland home that Snow finds with the dwarves. Any Snow White look has to incorporate that famous apple, of course, and this beautifully realistic sculpted apple necklace looks good enough to take a nice big bite. But I wouldn’t recommend it!

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It was hard to decide whether I wanted to create a blue dress or yellow dress based Disneybound for Belle, but in the end, I had to go with the gown. This look is perfect for a summer date night with your own handsome prince. (Or beast. You do you, girl.) Pick out your favorite yellow summer dress and accessorize with roses, roses, and more roses. This beautiful rose pendant makes a statement while still being quite delicate. Even though I centered the look around the yellow dress, I wanted to include a shoutout to Belle’s bookish ways. There’s a reason she was always the princess I identified with the most! A few paper roses in your hair made out of the pages of a favorite book are perfect for any literary lady. And just in case you need to go hunting for your father in the woods, stick with a sensible pair of suede flats.

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Rapunzel is one of my favorite of the modern era princesses. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to create a look for her! For this bold, adventurous young lady, I created a festival season look. There was no doubt in my mind that a Punzie bound was the perfect opportunity for a flower crown! You could go as big or as subtle as you’d like with these flowers, but I think this crown of assorted yellow flowers is perfect for that carefree lantern festival vibe. For additional accessories, I picked out a simple braided bracelet, just to balance things out, and the star of the show: an adorable chameleon necklace! You can’t be Rapunzel without a little Pasqual to keep you company. Finish off the look with some simple but pretty sandals.

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