8 Beautiful Shelfies You’ll Swoon Over

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8 Beautiful Shelfies You’ll Swoon Over

By Jennifer Posh

Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of spring cleaning... but after the spring cleaning comes the summer organizing, and that’s something that I can always get excited about. It’s the perfect time to put things in order, do some rearranging, and try something new. And what’s more fun to rearrange than bookshelves? I always get the itch to rearrange my books in the summer: if they’re in alpha order, I find myself craving rainbows; if they’re sorted by color, I yearn for the simplicity of the alphabet. Do the books remain alone, or should they share shelf space with some of my many (many) knickknacks? However you choose to style your shelves, there’s always room for some shelfspiration, and there’s one place to turn: Instagram! I took a dive into the #shelfie tag to find some creative, beautiful, droolworthy bookshelves to inspire you in your own summer refresh.


These shelves are, in a word, stunning. The diagonal rainbow really makes this a statement piece that I’d love to have taking over my wall! It’s definitely a showstopper and a little bit different from your usual color-coded books.


I’m loving the low-key jungalow vibes on this bookshelf. It feels very chill and cozy, with books living casually and happily alongside the plants. It’ll feel like slipping into your own mini-jungle when you reach past the dangling vines to retrieve a book.


This is a great example of how your shelves themselves can be such a big part of how you style them. Even though these are also rainbow-ordered, it’s a totally different look having the colors divided by shelves like this.


We all know about adding decorations on our shelves - but don’t forget to think outside the shelf! I love the unexpected pop of the deer head mounted on the side of this bookcase, and it’s giving me the urge to go beyond the limits of the shelves next time I decorate. There’s always somewhere new to add something fun!


This reading corner is so light and airy, I would love to curl up here for a little while with a fruity iced tea (with a marble coaster, of course). It looks classy but also colorful — perfect for snapping that #bookstagram post.


Even though it’s not in place yet, I love the idea of floating shelves surrounding a piano! A shelving solution like this is great for making your books a focal point of the room without the overwhelming visual weight of a lot of big bookcases.


If you have a series you’re especially devoted to, why not go all in? This Harry Potter shelf is a great blend of books and decor, perfect for the home of any Hogwarts alum. It doesn’t have to be just for a specific series, either: if you tend to collect books in specific genres and types, why not style a few shelves of home and garden books with plants and pair your romance novels with some lovely vases of flowers (or framed pictures of the dreamiest characters…).


Who else loves non-traditional shelves? This dollhouse-turned-bookshelf is absolutely darling. It would be perfect for a themed tribute shelf, like the Harry Potter shelf above, or of course holding books for kiddos.


Ok, I’ll admit it: I mostly included this one for the flamingo. But you really can’t go wrong topping off your bookshelves with lots of fun, colorful things that make you smile.

Have you been inspired to rearrange your shelves this ssummer? Make sure to tag @onfrolic in your next shelfie!

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Jennifer Posh is a writer, reader, and internet adventurer living in the heart of the Midwest. Her ideal man is a lumberjack who is also a vampire. You can find her blogging about all things vintage, kitschy, and quirky at The Sconnie Sling.

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