11 Books for National Bikini Day by Kate Olson

11 Books for National Bikini Day by Kate Olson

By Kate Olson (TheLoudLibraryLady)

In the world of obscure holidays, July 5th marks National Bikini Day ~ who knew!? And lest you forget in the midst of the millions of “bikini body” mentions everywhere in the media, a bikini body is simply a body in a bikini. That’s it. If you follow me on Instagram or read my reviews on Goodreads, you know that I have lots of feelings about diet culture and the need for enlightened body/fat positivity in books ~ I could go on and on and on, as I tend to do in my Insta stories! For today, though, I’m bringing you a short list of things I look for on this topic, and a list of books for every reader.

When I’m reviewing, here are a few of the things I take into account when deciding if a book is worthy of recommendation in this area or not ~ all of the below will knock a book off of my list and will usually cause me to DNF:

  • More than 1 or 2 mentions of dieting or “working off calories”
  • Descriptions of characters with more than casual or less than positive mention of body/size shape
  • More than fleeting instances of serious self-deprecation regarding body size ~ I have found that most “curvy girl” romance includes major self-deprecation and I had to eliminate almost all of them

Here are the things I look for that will make me uprate and recommend a book:

  • Characters who enjoy food and EAT
  • Characters who embrace their body size/shape
  • OR characters who never mention their body size/shape AT ALL
  • Characters with overall self-love/self-confidence
  • Romantic interests who adore whatever size/shape of body their love interest has
  • Blatant condemnation of diet culture

With all of that being said, here are just a few of my recommendations! 

If you love adult romance:
Nuts by Alice Clayton (series rec’d by @leighkramer, especially book 2 Cream of the Crop)
On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss
The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
If you love YA:

The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?) by Brittany Gibbons
Landwhale by Jes Baker (aka @themilitantbaker) ~ on my nightstand TBR pile!
Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe

(aka @bodyposipanda ~ not out until September 11, but I already pre-ordered and have a NetGalley copy! Thanks to @bookwormmommyof3 on Instagram for the tip!)

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Kate Olson is a reader, blogger, librarian, wife and mother in Wisconsin. When not reading, she is buying books, taking pictures of books for Instagram, sorting and shelving books or writing about books (here). While she attempts to read a wide variety of genres on a regular basis, her first loves will always be romance and women’s fiction.

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