Erotic Pen Names & Other Naughty Questions With Author J. Daniels

J. Daniels

Raise your hand if you’re a romance reader? I am imagining all of you with your hands raised right now, after all, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t… right?! That’s what I thought. If you’ve been part of the romance community for any amount of time, you know that there are a few authors who most of us would consider pillars of the sisterhood. One of those authors, for me, is J. Daniels. It seems that almost every romance bookstagram regularly features her books and if you ask anyone for a romance recs, you will typically find J. Daniels on the list somewhere. Which is exactly how I found her and I am so thankful that I did because now I am a huge fan!!!

Forever Romance, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing will be releasing Bad For You (Dirty Deeds 3#) today, July 17th! If you haven’t picked up this series, I can’t recommend it enough. To say that I was smitten with it would be an understatement. It is emotionally consuming and also hot. Did I mention hot? Yes, so hot. What better way to spend the hottest month of the year than with even hotter books!

To celebrate the release of Bad For You, I was lucky enough to ask J. Daniels a few questions about her writing. So let’s jump right into the questions!

You’re a huge part of the romance community and your books are everywhere! How did you start out in the sexy book industry? Were you a reader first? If so, was there a particular book that prompted you to write your first?

I was and always will be a reader first. I remember discovering New Adult Romance in 2012. It became my go-to genre, and what initially inspired me to publish myself. A story came to me while I was working my way through Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard series, and in Summer 2013, Sweet Addiction was born.

Ohhhh my gosh, I remember my first time reading the Beautiful Bastard series. I think it might have been the catalyst for my romance addiction. Speaking of romance books, just for fun; can you pick an erotic pen name from the items you have in your purse?

LOL. HA! Erm, Candy Bliss. (I have a lollipop & Blistex.)

LOL that’s incredible! Also how very on brand of you to have a lollipop in your purse. It reminds me of the sweet addiction series of yours! Which leads me to my next question. I have read and loved many of your books, just as most of my friends have, and we always have discussions about which of your book boys are our favorites. So out of curiosity, if you could date one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Oh, Reed Tennyson, hands down. Every day, all day. I had the most fun writing him. He’s dirty, he’s funny, he’s sweet, did I mention he’s dirty?

ALABAMA SUMMER FOREVER!!!!!! Haha I am so happy you chose him!!

Do you ever use real-life situations or people to inspire your writing or is it all just fiction? Do you ever cry while writing the more emotional scenes?

I have used many real-life situations to inspire me. Every book I’ve written has something personal in it. And I’m a big-time crier. I had tissues with me at all times when I wrote Bad for You.

I think we will all need tissues when it comes to Bad For You. Since I got to read that one a little early, can you tell me what you’re working on next? Can you give us a little snippet? (PLS OH PLS OH PLS)

I’m currently working on Down Too Deep, book four in the Dirty Deeds series! I don’t have a snippet to share, but I can tell you: I’m completely in love with this story. Although, there are moments when I’m kicking myself for making the hero a widow. Cue more tears!

Oh my gosh, this all sounds so incredible and I can’t wait to go through ALL THE EMOTIONS when I finally get my hands on Down Too Deep!!! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today!

If you’d like to know more about Bad For Youclick here.


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