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Hi friends! I’m back again. I know, I know, two days in a row? But I truly have something so amazing and beautiful for you, and you just have to see it! I couldn’t wait and I have a feeling this little cover-shaped thing is going to brighten up your day. For all of you who want more witchy romances, you can start reading Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll, the first book in the Coven Daughters series. Kat Turner is mixing magic with rockstars! Doesn’t that sound just fabulous? Blood Sugar, the sequel, comes out very soon, so you better be prepared for the fun times this book will bring!

Blood Sugar by Kat Turner
About Blood Sugar:

Eve Conley-Adyemi, a clairsentient mortician being stalked by an angry spirit, is no stranger to supernatural drama. But when a vampire rock star shows up on her front porch begging her to end his undead existence, she gives him a hard pass. Besides, her death magic doesn’t work that way.

Soon, the sensitive rocker named Jonnie Tollens wins Eve’s interest, and they team up to defeat her poltergeist and cure his vampirism. Their quest leads them to a supernatural expat community in Peru who might have solutions, unlocking dark, potent facets of her powers along the way. As they fall for each other, they lose control of the exact forces they need to harness. Worse, a marathon research session uncovers terrifying facts on who is really pulling the magical strings.

Can Eve and Jonnie fix their broken lives together before a rising tide of dark magic engulfs them both?


Mr. Mystery looked Eve in the eye. Maybe what interested her most about this man was how large he loomed despite his nameless, anonymous status. Like some old-world deity walking amongst mere mortals.

About the Author:

When not reading or writing, Kat works for a university, teaches yoga, and lives the mom life. She has two pet rats and too many plants, guards her gym time with her life, and is quite adept at picking up objects with her toes.


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