Exclusive: Book Trailers for Jennifer L. Armentrout’s ‘Storm and Fury’ and Q&A!

Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout

We are so excited to share with you not one but TWO book trailers for Jennifer L. Armentrout’s upcoming novel Storm and Fury, out June 11th!

Trailer Credits:

Fx: @cameron.h.cone

Camera: @tuckerhoran

Actress: @dilaysayer

Producer: @drew1805

About Storm and Fury, out June 11th!

Eighteen-year-old Trinity Marrow may be going blind, but she can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. Her unique gift is part of a secret so dangerous that she’s been in hiding for years in an isolated compound fiercely guarded by Wardens— gargoyle shapeshifters who protect humankind from demons. If the demons discover the truth about Trinity, they’ll devour her, flesh and bone, to enhance their own powers. When Wardens from another clan arrive with disturbing reports that something out there is killing both demons and Wardens, Trinity’s safe world implodes. Not the least because one of the outsiders is the most annoying and fascinating person she’s ever met. Zayne has secrets of his own that will upend her world yet again—but working together becomes imperative once demons breach the compound and Trinity’s secret comes to light. To save her family and maybe the world, she’ll have to put her trust in Zayne. But all bets are off as a supernatural war is unleashed…

Q&A with Jennifer Armentrout

Resident YA expert Aurora Dominquez got the opportunity to interview Jennifer L. Armentrout all about Storm and Fury!

Aurora: What was your inspiration behind Storm and Fury?
Jennifer: I wanted to expand the world from The Dark Elements, giving Zayne more “on screen” time. I’ve always been fascinated with the history and mythology behind gargoyles, so getting back into the world has been so much fun.

Which character do you most relate to and why?
It’s going to be Trinity. She shares that same eye disease as I do called retinitis pigmentosa, which results in blindness. Writing that, something extremely personal to me, in a character was surprisingly not easy. Exploring the disease through Trinity made me really face the fact that I was losing my vision.

Why do you feel young adult books are so popular and have such a voice right now?
They’ve been popular and with a loud voice for a while now, and I think one of the big reasons is the cross over appeal. A lot of YA readers are adults, because YA covers so much important material, even in books about gargoyles and demons, that someone, no matter their age, can relate. I think that’s what most appealing about YA and what makes the genre a very interesting, a rare one, is the true cross over appeal. 

What do you hope readers will take away from Storm and Fury?
I hope people are entertained and engrossed, but most importantly, I hope people learn a little bit about retinitis pigmentosa and what it’s like to live with a disability that’s either not well-known or visible. I think learning about diseases–about anything, really–goes a long way to improving empathy and understanding. 

What are you working on now?
I am getting ready to start writing the 3rd book in the Origin Series, so delving back into the world of the Lux and Origins.

What’s your favorite writing method that you follow for inspiration?
I don’t necessarily have a method for inspiration, but when I get stuck writing, usually what I do is jump ahead and write a scene that I’m excited about. That helps me get over any blocks.

About the Author:

Jennifer L. Armentrout is the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of young adult contemporary and paranormals, YA thrillers, new adult and contemporary romance who has also written as J. Lynn. Jennifer has received numerous awards for her work, including being nominated for Goodreads Best Author. The first book in her bestselling YA paranormal Lux series, Obsidian, has been optioned for film by Sierra Pictures. Television rights to her YA paranormal Covenant series have been optioned to Herrick Entertainment. She currently lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia, with her husband and Jack Russell, Loki. Find out more here: https://jenniferlarmentrout.com/


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