Exclusive: Cover Reveal and Excerpt of ‘Dear Anna’ by Katie Blanchard

dear anna by katie blanchard

We are so excited to share with you the stunning cover from Katie Blanchard’s Dear Anna out July 16th!

About Dear Anna:

When Medeia Moore’s manipulative husband is caught cheating with his secretary, Anna, Medeia begins to plan her escape. She runs into one colossal blockade─ the prenup. John has all the money.

Desperate to avoid being sent back to the shack of her childhood nightmares, and not willing to let go of the wealthy life she’s become accustomed to, Medeia plots in secret to have the upper hand. She will use John’s secrets against him. After all, she’s the reason he’s not in jail.

But, when more of John’s secrets pour out than Medeia can handle, she is forced to search for revenge of a more sinister nature.

How far will she go to gain back her freedom?

Exclusive Excerpt:

Where is Anna now, John? She isn’t here to strip the wet clothes clinging to your body so that you can get clean. It doesn’t matter how hard you scrub in here, or how hard I do when I end up helping you because you’re too intoxicated to complete the task yourself, you’ll never be able to wash off the stain of your soul, John. For that, you will pay the ultimate repentance for which I have scheduled the meeting.

        “Can you…” He pauses and rubs his pathetic hand down his equally worthless face. “Can you help me?” He seems embarrassed, the weight of his uselessness coming to light in the tub.

        I swallow back the bile at the thought of being this man’s crutch any longer. I nod and move from my perch on the toilet lid to the edge of the tub. I take the washcloth from him.  Sure, darling, I’ll help you. Your whore isn’t here to see you in your crippled state, no. You save that version for your wife.

        It takes effort, but I get John dried and into bed. I rub the pain in my back and move to the closet to change my soggy clothes. When I come back into our bedroom, John’s loud snoring signals he’s finally asleep. I sigh. I turn out the light and make to close the door when I notice a light shining from John’s phone. I walk back and check the screen.


        I don’t condone the violence you showed today, John. I talked Kalen into not pressing charges, but this better be the last time.

        So, Anna’s the reason the bottles ran dry so fast today. Your girlfriend was mad at you, John. I back up the text messages in his cloud to make sure they stay there for when I need them. No one will be shocked by your violent ways.

        “Idiot.” I toss the phone down and hit him square in his unconscious face.

About the Author:

Katie Blanchard is an author of women’s fiction and suspense. Her debut novel, ‘Pressing Flowers’ is available for purchase through Amazon. Katie resides in Southwestern, Pennsylvania where she spends most of her days chasing two children. When they give her a moment, she’s found crocheting on the couch. You can find out more about Katie and her upcoming releases at www.authorkatieblanchard.com, or follow her on Facebook. http://bit.ly/KBlanchardFBPage


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