Exclusive: Cover Reveal and Excerpt of Descending into Madness by Stacey Marie Brown

Descending Into Madness Cover Reveal

We are so excited to share with you the amazing cover and exclusive excerpt of Stacey Marie Brown’s Descending Into Madness  out July 25th!

About Descending Into Madness:

Your holiday season is about to get deliciously naughty…

What if Alice Liddell’s story didn’t happen the way you think? What if it wasn’t Wonderland she fell into, but Winterland. This mad tale is dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

After losing her job and finding her boyfriend/boss cheating on her with her replacement, twenty-five-year-old Alice Liddell has moved back home to save money and regroup. 


She doesn’t think things can get worse until her younger, more responsible sister, Dinah, gets her a job—as a Christmas elf. 

Dressed in a slutty costume with fathers peeking down her top and kids vomiting on her, she wants nothing more than to escape the reality of her life.

When she sees a sexy, shirtless man, carrying a glowing red light, and bearing antlers, her curiosity gets the better of her. But following him might be the biggest mistake she ever made.


Falling into another realm, Alice finds herself in the world of holiday legends and fairytales. But she is not prepared her for the dark madness of this place. Nothing is what is seems and no one is what they are in the fairytales. 

Even the mysterious, sexy Scrooge.

Welcome to Winterland, where the good guys from the North Pole have gone bad, and the only way to survive is to descend into its madness.

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Alice.” A name sailed through the thick blackness, where it was so dark you no longer belonged to your body, and floated among the nothingness. No feeling or emotions could reach me, I no longer understood happiness or pain. I just was. Or was I? I should have felt fear at no longer being, but nothing, except a whisper of a name, hovered around me like a ghost, reminding me to touch it as it passed by me, rooting me to the only fact I could understand. Alice. Yes, I had a name. At first it started a far-away whisper, but the closer it got to me, the stronger it became, stirring something beyond the nothingness. Pressure in my head. Wait did I have a head? Similar to poison, the pressure started to spread down from my head. Arms, torso, legs. The nothingness transformed into a white mist, coiling around my fingers and legs, until everything around me was blinding white. “Alice.” The name bolted through me. “Wake up!” As if a dagger stuck my chest and gut, pain so deep plunged through me. My lids flew open as my body lurched, a screaming hurtled from my throat, my bones freezing with excruciating agony. “Alice. You’re alive.” A deep voice rumbled next to me with a sigh, the feel of a man’s form pressing into my side. I couldn’t move, tiny breaths hitching back down my airpipes as the unbelievable throbbing eased a bit. My fingernails dug into the grimy gray stone, the strong pungent smells of urine, body odor, and moldy air licked at my nose. Like a dribble of water coming from a faucet, awareness of my surroundings came back. Of who I was. Where I was. Stone floors, walls, and bars cast in a depressing gray, a bucket full of vomit, a pile of garments in the corner. Mrs. Claus. Frosty. Being sliced up by blood-sucking holly. So hot I felt I was on fire. “Oh god. It’s real.” I whispered to myself, my lids squeezing closed. My muscles still pulsated with pain, as though they had been compressed, stretched, twisted, and torn apart. “This is the part I wasn’t dreaming? Are you kidding me? I’m really here?”

About the Author:

Stacey Marie Brown is a lover of hot fictional bad boys and sarcastic heroines who kick butt. She also enjoys books, travel, TV shows, hiking, writing, design, and archery. Stacey swears she is part gypsy, being lucky enough to live and travel all over the world.

She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. She volunteers helping animals and is Eco-friendly. She feels all animals, people, and environment should be treated kindly.

Find Her Here:

Website: www.staceymariebrown.com 

Blog: http://www.staceymariebrown.com/category/blog/ 

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2qxe5uS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/S_MarieBrown | @S_MarieBrown 

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/staceymariebrown/ | @StaceyMarieBrown 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6938728.Stacey_Marie_Brown 


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