Exclusive: Cover Reveal & Excerpt of ‘My Viral Valentine’ & the Rest of the Holiday Hat Trick Books by Melanie Ting

My Viral Valentine by Melanie Ting

Hello. Sil here. Bringing you another fun and cute cover reveal with an excerpt included. I know you all love and enjoy holiday romances. I constantly see people I follow on Twitter search for them or ask in Romancelandia for recommendations. I’m happy to announce that author Melanie Ting is releasing a holiday romance trilogy and it starts with My Viral Valentine (February 1, 2020), followed by My Hallowe’en Heartbreak (October 1, 2020) and ending it My Christmas Charade (December 1, 2020). We, at Frolic, have the cover reveal of not one, but ALL THREE covers of the books!

About My Viral Valentine:

Abby’s big break-up just went viral.

When Abby Boyko agrees to go on a morning TV show as part of a Valentine’s Day special, she’s in for a big surprise. 

Instead of promoting their new phone app, her business partner—and boyfriend—breaks up with her on live TV. Then the video goes viral. Now Abby’s lost her relationship, her fledgling business, and her self-esteem.

Determined to develop a competing app, she arranges a meeting with tech genius, Mason Harrington. Mason is awkward with women, but his first meeting with Abby sets a Guinness World Record when he accidentally makes her cry, insults her business idea, and harasses her.

What Mason lacks in suaveness, he makes up for in determination. Can he be the knight in wrinkled Dockers who helps Abby heal her broken heart?


Mason made a terrible first impression on Abby and now he desperately wants to apologize. Abby is busy working at a shoe store, and he’s the last person she wants to see.

“Could you please help me find some shoes?” The voice was polite and the slight English accent was familiar.

I turned around with a friendly smile that disappeared as soon as I saw who it was. Mr. Too-good-for-social-media himself. Maybe he didn’t have a social media account because there would be too many negative reviews. 

Mason raises arrogance to new heights.” 

“Mason was so full of himself that he had no room for dessert.”

“After mansplaining technology to me, he was shocked when I didn’t fall into bed with him.”

“I’m sorry, what part of ‘I never want to see you again’ did you not understand?” I asked.

“All I need is two minutes,” he pleaded, his eyes wide behind his dark-rimmed glasses. Like last night, he was wearing shapeless clothes that meant some soccer dad was running around naked. “I just want to explain and apologize.”

“I’m working right now. Please go away.”

My Halloween Heartbreak by Melanie Ting
About the author

Melanie Ting is a USA Today best-selling author of hockey romances. She lives and writes near the ocean in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Her first book was inspired by the intense competition and crazy party atmosphere of 2010 Olympics. Her hobbies include cheering on losing hockey teams, hiking low mountains, and removing cat fur from her black wardrobe.


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