Exclusive: The Captain’s Midwinter Bride by Liana De La Rosa Cover Reveal and Excerpt

The Captain’s Midwinter Bride by Liana De La Rosa Cover Reveal

Hey, beautiful readers. I’m happy to be back and show you a pretty incredible cover reveal! This time I’m showing you an historical romance. And the cover is *chef kiss* gorgeous! You’ll see for yourself in a moment but let’s talk a bit about this book first. 

So, Liana De La Rosa is releasing her newest romance called The Captain’s Midwinter Bride on November 12th. It’s about a marriage of convenience with two spouses who didn’t interact muchwhen they were married. He provided for his wife and two children from afar while he was at sea. But now he’s back and he can’t stop pining for her. What’s going to happen?! 

About The Captain’s Midwinter Bride:

Life at sea sharpened Captain Phillip Dalton into a shrewd and strategic military man…yet none of those skills prepared him for the intricacies of planning his daughter’s upcoming Christmas wedding. His family, most especially his wife, are all but strangers to him thanks to his service to the Crown. But if Phillip finds himself bewitched by his practical, charming, and guileless wife, he does his best to hide his struggles.

Annalise Dalton raised two children and built a comfortable life for herself while her husband of convenience provided for them from afar. But now Phillip’s home to stay, and she finds it impossible to ignore his gruff manner, brilliant blue eyes, or the gentle way he looks after her needs. And if Annalise is unnerved by the budding feelings her husband inspires in her, she does her best to hide how they unsettle her.

When past secrets and misunderstandings threaten the tenuous steps they’ve taken to create a real and loving marriage, can Phillip and Annalise overcome the years they spent apart to forge a happy future together, and for every Christmas to come?

Frolic-Exclusive Excerpt: 

n exclusive excerpt

“Why did Beth want a Christmas wedding?” Phillip asked quietly. Almost tentatively. “Surely most brides would prefer a spring or even a summer wedding.”

“Beth wanted snow. She has always envisioned an all-white wedding, and you can’t have snow in the summer.” The corner of her mouth tipped up. “If we’re lucky, that is.”

Phillip’s eyes turned glassy. “It snowed on our wedding day. I remember snowflakes

stuck in your dark hair, almost like a coronet.”

Their wedding day had been a blur to her. Her father had died the week before, and she

had still been in shock. Paralyzed by the knowledge he was gone. Frozen to find she was on her own at eighteen, with no other family to take her in, and unknown debts staking claims on her father’s estate.

Had it snowed on their wedding day? She would have to take Phillip’s word for it because she did not remember. Her mind did not retain memories of such details.

“You were a lovely bride.” Phillip reached for his tea, taking a healthy sip. “Your dark hair and dark eyes stood out amongst all the white. You were my midwinter bride, and I remember being captivated.”

Surprise…and unadulterated delight washed over her. He remembered what she looked like? Remembered the snowflakes that landed on her hair. Claimed she was lovely. Captivating. Annalise did not know what to say.

About the Author:

Liana De la Rosa is a historical romance writer whose stories are set in the Late Regency and Victorian periods. As a longtime fan of the romance genre, Liana used to sneak Harlequins into her bedroom to read on the sly. Even now, her reading list is dominated by romance…as well as fan-fiction for her favorite fandom ship. Since her husband challenged her to write her own book, she’s been pulling all-nighters, slugging wine, and perfecting her craft one book at a time.

Liana has an English degree from the University of Arizona. When she’s not writing books featuring unexpected characters, witty heroes, and intrepid heroines, Liana is a wannabe domestic goddess and fashionista who wrangles her rambunctious brood of small children with her patient husband in Arizona.

Liana is represented by Rebecca Strauss of DeFiore and Company.


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