Exclusive: When Tara Met Farah by Tara Pammi Cover Reveal + Author Note!

When Tara Met Farah Cover Reveal

Hey friends! I’m happy to be back with you to share the cover of an upcoming book you will want to know about. I know you don’t really want my take on this and you only want to see the cover and what this is about, but I truly adore the cover a lot and the synopsis screams that epicness will happen. When Tara Met Farah by Tara Pammi is releasing on January 26th, 2021. Let’s meet sunshine girl Tara and grumpy girl Farah, shall we?

About When Tara Met Farah:

Sunshine Girl needs math lessons…

Nineteen-year-old Tara Muvvala didn’t mean to lead a double life.

But her bone-deep aversion to math + a soul-deep desire to please her mother = her failing math grade + exploding food vlog ‘this masala life’.

Enter her mother’s research intern and resident math genius Farah Ahmed

Tara makes a deal with Farah — help her pass the math course and she’ll welcome Farah into the local Bollywood Drama & Dance Society.

Grumpy girl gets life lessons…

After losing her mom to a heart attack, dumping her small-minded boyfriend (she’s bisexual, not confused) and reluctantly moving to the US to be near her dad — all in the span of eighteen months, twenty-three-year-old Farah has hit the full quota on LIFE. Two things keep her going — her internship with a brilliant statistics professor and the possibility of meeting her dancing idol through the Bollywood Drama & Dance Society. That is, if her new hot-mess housemate will let her.

Soon Tara and Farah are bonding over chicken biryani, dancing to Bollywood Beats at midnight and kissing against all the odds. And maybe beginning to realize that while life’s even more complicated than math, love is the one variable that changes everything!

Will they realize that together they have the recipe for a Happily Ever After?

Behind-the-scenes with the author:

Thank you so much to Frolic for hosting the exclusive cover reveal for When Tara Met Farah

This is the first book in my exciting, fun, contemporary series called Bollywood Drama and Dance Society. It’s exactly as fun and dramatic as the name of the society — a fun, safe space for a band of misfits.

When Tara Met Farah is an opposites attract romance between our sunshine girl Tara who’d do anything to please her brilliant mother (except pass math) and the grumpy math genius she ropes in to help her…

Of course, our grumpy girl Farah realizes that, even as it looks like she’s failing at everything, Tara’s living her life in the best and only way possible — loudly and messily and wholeheartedly.

The idea for this story has been with me for years — as most of my books are, as a short story. The immigrant grad falling for her professor’s messy daughter…

While laughing around with some fellow romance authors at the RWA conference last year, the title just clicked in my head. 2020 being what it has been, I thought if this isn’t the time to write and publish stories that aren’t just pure love and wish fulfillment and fun, then when?

So I hounded an artist I follow on IG called ZenTee. Her work is phenomenal and I knew she’d bring Tara and Farah to life exactly as I saw them in my head. And she delivered like OMG…

If even one reader finds the joy I had in writing this story… I’ll know I did it justice!

About the Author:

Tara Pammi can’t remember a moment when she wasn’t lost in a romance novel. One fine day, toiling away as a grad student in a basement lab, Tara typed Chapter 1 of a romance instead of her thesis. But it wasn’ until two Masters degrees and three jobs later that Tara realized she likes writing about love more than software systems. Not a big surprise since her father and grandfather had been writers too!

Now Tara lives in the evergreen state of Washington with her real-life hero and her two creative daughters. When she isn’t writing or reading, Tara can be found failing in the kitchen and making resolutions to exercise more, or even a little.


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