Fangirl Corner Celebrates “Hot Dudes Reading”

Fangirl Corner Celebrates “Hot Dudes Reading”

By Frolic

In case you haven't heard, or you're not on Instagram, or you've been living under a rock, there's a phenomenon that exists online (and now in book form!) known as @hotdudesreading.

What started as an innocent (okay, maybe not THAT innocent) group text among friends documenting the good-looking men who read books on the NYC subway is now a very successful franchise. For starters, there's the Instagram account that boasts over one million followers (a kind yet thirsty community of people all over the world parched for hot, smart men), a carefully curated book, and a calendar.

We're here to celebrate that community, as well as be a part of it. There's nothing that does us in more than hot dudes reading (romance).


They've gone international.



Their commentary is shameless.

One of the rules for submitting to Hot Dudes Reading (no pun intended) is that your dude must be reading a BOOK.

Because some things are still sacred in this world, you can READ these salacious posts in book form. Worth every penny, we swear.


And in case you have trouble keeping your days organized, they've got a calendar too.

No guarantees that this'll help keep your head straight, though.

You're very welcome.


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