Fangirl Corner Presents: Our Favorite Moments From “Parks and Recreation”

Parks and Rec

No, you’re not insane, it’s been almost ten years since Parks and Recreation has aired, and almost four since this beloved show went off the air. Just because we don’t see what’s new with the citizens of Pawnee does NOT mean that we don’t think about them every day, though.

Because we think about them every. Single. Day.

And during this time of holiday cheer and togetherness, we decided to compile our favorite Parks and Rec moments. Try not to cry (or laugh):

  1. When Ben and Leslie had been denying their feelings for each other for FOREVER and Ben finally saw his chance and TOOK IT by kissing Leslie. It’s fine, we’re FINE.

2. Speaking of Ben and Leslie… remember when Ben asked Leslie to marry him and she cried… and then we ALL cried?

3. And then of COURSE they had to have a wedding…

4. But of course the series wasn’t ENTIRELY about Ben and Leslie. We have an abundance of love for every moment that Ron Swanson was on screen.

5. There was a lot of back and forth, but you couldn’t help but root for Chris and Ann’s pending love story.

6. Speaking of Chris, let’s not forget about the fact that he doesn’t know the words to Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

7. RIP Lil’ Sebastian. You’re 5,000 Candles in the Wind.

8. Everything Jean Ralphio ever said.

9. We’re still a little bit afraid (and respect the hell out of) April Ludgate.

10. The He For She Movement is NOT to be forgotten because “Men have had a very rough go of it for, just recently…”


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