Fifteen Times Supernatural Season 14 Made Me Need A Cold Drink

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Fifteen Times Supernatural Season 14 Made Me Need A Cold Drink

By Lynn Zubernis

In November, Supernatural celebrated its 300th episode with a red carpet star-studded party in Vancouver and a christening of the studios where it’s been filmed for fourteen seasons as “The Supernatural Studios”. That’s quite an honor, and a testament to the popularity of a television show on The CW network. There are, of course, many reasons why Supernatural is so beloved, by me and many others. Complex, compelling characters brilliantly portrayed with nuance and emotion by talented actors. Fourteen seasons of story-telling that keeps me guessing as often as it makes me laugh or cry.  I’m also not oblivious to the undeniable hotness of many of its characters and the role of that hotness in the show’s staying power. For most fans, that’s not reason number one, but it’s a hell of a nice bonus.

So for the month of November, let’s look back over the current season so far and find some moments that warmed me up enough to make me reach for a cold drink. Or two.

15. Dean (Jensen Ackles) eating pie in Optimism.

Fandom argues constantly about with whom Dean Winchester should be hooking up and fans write reams of fanfiction fantasizing about what that would look like, but nobody really argues that his true OTP is pie. That explains why he looks like this when he eats it.

14. This is a tie, because these are both small, almost inconsequential moments. And yet…

One is Dean lying on his bed eating pizza in Mint Condition because that is one lovely shot of Dean’s, err, assets. The other is Dean sharpening a machete while straddling a chair arm in Nightmare Logic. Because Dean sharpening his tool is always… interesting.

13. Sam and Dean together again arguing about Sam’s “grief beard” in The Scar.

Both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles say so much with so few words in this scene, and make it so funny. A sense of humor can be sexy too, after all.

Some people definitely do think it looks good, Sam. Like, lots of people.

12. Castiel’s (Misha Collins) touching heart to heart talk with a demoralized Jack (Alex Calvert) in The Scar.

He shows a great deal of empathy as he gently tells Jack that “you have the mind and heart of a hunter,” which is exactly what Jack needs to hear. He also says that Jack made him proud. I mean, awwww. And hey, people who are in touch with their feelings are all kinds of sexy!

11. Dark Kaia (Yadi Guevara-Prip) coming back to save the day (and the Winchesters) like a goddamn badass in The Scar.

I actually screamed when her spear flew through the window and pierced the bad guy’s throat, and then gasped at Kaia herself as she dispatched the rest, so deadly and so graceful simultaneously.

10. Castiel defending Dean (in absentia) in Gods and Monsters – against Jack, of all people.

Jack is so desperate to stop Michael that he asserts that Dean doesn’t matter, if he can’t be saved then Michael has to be stopped. Cas is shocked, asking “And if Dean dies?”

Jack is undeterred.

Jack: Then Dean dies. Do you think he would want it any other way?

Castiel’s face (and Misha Collins’ acting) tells us that yes, he knows that would be Dean’s choice, and no, that is absolutely not okay with Cas. There’s something undeniably sexy about being willing to defend the people who are important to you – even when they happen to be currently possessed by a murderous archangel

9. Sister Jo’s (Danneel Ackles) confrontation with Michael (real life hubby Jensen Ackles) in Stranger in a Strange Land, when she proves what a badass angel she is no matter how he tries to intimidate her (and also that she’s not a fool).

Smart and courageous and oh yeah, she looks just like Danneel Ackles. So, hot.

8. Sam Winchester being the incredibly empathic man he is, convincing his brother to open up to him in the ending scene of The Scar about the trauma of being possessed.

The tears in Sam’s eyes and the expression on his face as he listens to Dean’s story pulled on my heartstrings (and are a testament to Padalecki’s acting chops). And no, there’s nothing sexier than a man capable of empathy and being a good listener.

7. Dean channeling Michael and threatening a tied-up Dark Kaia in The Scar.

Ackles can make you feel every emotion, so when Dean Winchester is this riled up, it comes through loud and clear. Just on the edge of out of control, looking dangerous as hell – and disturbingly hot.

6. Also disturbingly hot was Michael!Dean in a dungeon in the aptly titled episode Gods And Monsters.

He’s wearing leather and presiding over a bunch of bound and strung up people (okay, vampires) like some kind of seriously scary but strangely hot dungeon master. It didn’t do anything to challenge that when Michael forces a bound vampire dude to drink while crooning “good boy” – or when he flips that knife like a badass. Competence kink, let me show you it. I’m not sure this scene would have been hot if anyone but Ackles donned that leather apron, but there you go.

I mean….me?? No, no, never mind.

5. Sam Winchester McGyvering his way out of being trapped in the comic store by the monster in Mint Condition.

Few things in life are sexier than Smart!Sam, so watching him rig up an impromptu bomb out of a Scooby Do lunchbox and blow out the door was hot in the best of ways. Samantha clearly thought so too.

4. Michael!Dean fighting like it’s a goddamn dance in the flashback scene in The Scar.

The grace, the athleticism. The outfit. Mmmm. I might have stared at this gif mesmerized for far too long, but I think it’s understandable. Someone who moves like that… mmm.

3. Sam and Dean in short sleeved dress shirts in Mint Condition.

I’m well aware that we’re over the border into total objectification here, but this is an example of what we used to call biceps porn back in the early days of fandom. And then the Show put Dean in glasses just to push me over the top, because Smart!Dean. GUH.

2. Michael!Dean in a tux in Gods and Monsters.

I’m smashing all the Michael-in-a-tux scenes together for this one, from confronting an angry Dean in the mirror, to a flirtatious power struggle with Melanie the werewolf, to going toe to toe with the werewolf pack leader like two alpha males jockeying for position. Basically Ackles in a tux no matter what he’s doing.

1. Sam Fucking Winchester in Stranger In A Strange Land.

Facing down Nick who looks like Lucifer and being strong enough to have empathy for him even though he looks like Sam’s torturer? That’s pretty badass. Standing up to Kip the Crowley wannabe? Off the charts badass.

Kip: The great Sam Winchester! I’ve heard so much about you. A damn legend. The shoulders, the hair… mm mm mm, you’re my Beyonce! 

I mean, you’re right, Kip.

Kip: So take the deal.

Sam: (tall and determined and so damn brave) No.

There’s an epic fight scene, and then Sam stabs Kip with the demon blade. Bruised and bloody but 100% in control, Sam staggers to his feet and addresses the gathered demons.

Sam: Enough! There will be no new king of Hell. Not today. Not ever. If anyone wants the job, you can come through me, understand?

Demons: (All smoke out) 

Sam: That’s what I thought.

Me: (fans self)

If you have another contender for OMG I need a cold drink right NOW, let me know. I’ll just be here sipping my glass of ice water.

About the Author

Lynn Zubernis PhD is a psychologist and university professor who has published many books about fandom and fan psychology and why it’s healthy and positive and just plain fun to be passionate about the things we love. Her recent book, Family Don’t End With Blood: Cast and Fans on How Supernatural Has Changed Lives, has powerful chapters written by the actors of Supernatural, the show she’s passionate about. You can also go behind the scenes of that show and explore the ins and outs (so to speak) of fanfiction and fandom in her book Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls.

Find her here: 

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