Five Beautiful, Reality-Bending Instagram Accounts That Bring Wonder Back Into Our Lives

Five Beautiful, Reality-Bending Instagram Accounts That Bring Wonder Back Into Our Lives

By Shelbi Starnes (@thenobbylife)

A trend on Instagram that has exploded over the last year has been one that I’ve personally enjoyed because it is just plain fun. The photographers/artists who manage to pull off successful feats of forced perspective using simple props to create optical illusions while maximizing their camera’s limitations are much to be admired, because the ability to fool the human eye by adding depth and dimension to a photo isn’t easily accomplished.

What Exactly is Forced Perspective Photography?

 Unlike the human eye, cameras are incapable of capturing depth perception and can only take two-dimensional, flat photos. This limitation became a creative challenge for photographers who saw the potential to use objects to create the illusion of depth that cameras are unable to capture. A famous example of forced perspective would be the ubiquitous photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa that everyone has to take, where one finger is extended towards the tower and the camera’s capture makes it appear as if the person posing is holding the tower in place with their finger. Other examples of forced perspective are props that minimize or maximize a subject’s presence in the photo, or that would seem to depict a subject defying gravity. Now that you know what forced perspective is, you won’t be able to stop looking for it in photos.

My Favorite Forced Perspective Accounts Are:


This photographer may look like he’s clinging to a waterfall, towering over a landmass, blending in to a colorful building, or dangling someone over a cliff, but that’s just #forcedperspective at its best for you.


This moody account has a sleepy aesthetic on first glance, as Alexandria relies on nighttime visuals for her soothing photography. But one deeper look into her photos will have the opposite effect as your eyes awaken to the storybook details she adds to her scenes.


You may think you’re looking at fluffy tulle skirts, but on closer examination, you’ll find that this mother/teeny daughter duo are modeling outfits of donuts, candy, and cauliflower and making them look as fashionable as they are edible.


This dreamy account will have you believing that deer really peek at the camera, babies balance on Oreo cookie swings, and that floral hair really exists.


This adorable family account uses books in unexpected ways to create stunning visual illusions captured by mom (Mel). The only difficulty is in determining which are cuter: the children or the amazing photos? (The answer, obviously, is both).

Whether you are a photographer looking to flex your creative muscles or a happy consumer of photos that cause you to look deeper and question reality, then I dare you to look up #forcedperspective tag on Instagram and be inspired by what you’ll find.

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