Five Hot as Hell M/M Romance Audiobooks You Should Be Listening to RIGHT NOW!


Earlier this year, I downloaded Facing West, the first book in Lucy Lennox’s bestselling Forever Wilde series. I opened it up in my Kindle app and in the bottom left corner it said Audible Narration was available for this title. As I was staring down the barrel of a tedious day-job project, plus multiple blog posts for an upcoming release, I thought, why the hell not? Multi-tasking for the win! My reader life changed forever that day, because HELLO AUDIOBOOKS, GET IN MY EARS! Granted, some of my own books are in audio, narrated by the fabulous Tristan James, but aside from spot-checking those, I hadn’t gotten over the cringe factor of listening to my own words, and I hadn’t actively listened to other audiobooks. Well, that’s certainly changed over this past year, and the bevy of m/m romance series available in audio, narrated by incredible performers, makes this new obsession dangerous for the wallet. So I’m here today to help you spend some money too by recommending a few of my favorites!

Tales from Verania, written by TJ Klune, narrated by Michael Lesley 

I have never laughed so hard while reading a book as I did while listening to The Lightning Struck Heart. I’m prepared to cry just as hard now that the series conclusion is available in audio. TJ’s characters and their interactions are a riot, while also being complicated and heartfelt. And Michael Lesley brings TJ’s magical, wonderful, totally OTT world to stunning life with the best audio performance I’ve listened to yet!

All for the Game, written by Nora Sakavic, narrated by Alexander Cendese 

Nora’s brilliantly original sports romance series is on my annual re-read list, so imagine my delight at getting to listen to it this year. Hearing characters I’ve read for years was a mind-boggling, awesome experience and a new way to appreciate the characters and world Nora created. Alexander does a great job with the characters’ grit and toughness, the intense game scenes, and the suspense beats as the series builds to its climax in the third book, The King’s Men, out on audio December 12.

Metahuman Files, written by Hailey Turner, narrated by Greg Boudreaux

I came late to this series, which is a shame because Hailey is my long-lost-sister in explosion/car-chase chaos. With Hailey’s detailed world-building and sweeping action sequences, the audiobook narration really adds to the cinematic effect, as does Greg’s always smooth delivery. I’m eagerly awaiting the next audios in this series!

Marshals, written by Mary Calmes, narrated by Tristan James

I may be biased, as these were some of the samples I listened to when choosing Tristan to narrate my Whiskey Verse books. He voices alphas and LEOs so well, and Mary writes some of the best. It’s a great match! The snark is strong in these books, as are the action and suspense beats, and Tristan delivers on both.

Forever Wilde, written by Lucy Lennox, narrated by Michael Pauley

As I mentioned, this one started it all for me in audiobooks. Lucy’s big families, big humor and big hearts, all jammed into one small Texas town, make for a wonderful series that translates to audio better than any other contemporary romance series I’ve listened to. All the props to Michael Pauley for giving each character a unique voice that brings Lucy’s world and the town of Hobie to vibrant life.

There are so many great m/m romance series out there in audio. If you’re looking for more, the Gay & Lesbian WhisperSync List is a great place to start! You’ll be entertained for countless hours. Happy listening! I’ll just be over here enjoying my next new favorite and dreaming about the day Richard Armitage narrates one of my books!

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